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Real-Time Strategy redefined!

Divinity: Dragon Commander, an innovative fantasy real-time strategy game spliced with free-flight combat action, in-depth strategic view, and some trading card game mechanics, in which you become a fearsome Dragon Emperor, is available for pre-order 11% off on That's $39.99 until the game's release (planned for June).

[url=][/url]What is Divinity: Dragon Commander? Imagine a giant army rushing into battle. First, the scouts, agile and fast, with their bows always ready. Then the cavalry, blazing on their relentless mounts. Then, the heavy infantry--warriors of all the shapes, sizes, and races with their plate armors sounding with every step like the bells of doom. Right behind them, the battle beasts--horrors bred with one purpose only: destruction. Some of them pulling the ballistas, trebuchets, and other siege machines. Above them, a variety of zeppelins and flying machines ready to spread death from above. And then, suddenly, a great shadow falling over the battlefield. A gigantic winged dragon swooping down at lightning speed, propelled by a jetpack, breathing fire and roaring fiercely. An image sure to strike fear in the hearts of the enemies. You, however, have nothing to fear. This is your army, and you are the Dragon, its commander and Emperor.

Divinity: Dragon Commander will allow the player to experience war from many unique perspectives, thus breathing new life to real-time strategy genre. The idea to put the gamer in the role of a Dragon commanding its people (and elves, and dwarves, and undead, and--well, creatures) into battle and even taking part in the combat directly is original enough to make things interesting. The people who gave you the acclaimed Divinity RPG series decided however, to add a couple more layers to the gameplay. In the game, you'll get to make diplomatic decisions, manage your empire in an epic world-map mode, and even utilize elements of trading card game mechanics. All that and more, coupled with excellent visuals, and many available scenarios (single-player and multi-player alike), has great chances to become a milestone in the evolution of RTS genre.

Don't hesitate--seize your empire now, to rule it with an iron claw soon! Pre-order Divinity: Dragon Commander for only $39.99 on! The Divinity universe is about to get even more epic! Make sure you get to witness it from the start.
i like Drivity series. But a game w/o packing, shipping, adv,... is too expensive.
and the digital copy of Original Sins just cost $25 at kickstarter...

i wait 50% off in here or other D2D service (e.g. most of the games in steam would drop to 50% after 2-3months)
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RaggieRags: Though seriously, from what I've heard the game has more issues than the server trouble.
JMich: Complaints? Yes. Pathfinding could be better. Online should be optional. City size could be bigger. And so on.
The hate though was for the 30 minutes queues, and the fact that it was EA. If the queues weren't there, you wouldn't be (still) hearing about it. You'd have 1 article about how modders have made it possible to play offline, and another about an upcoming patch.
The worst thing is, that they said that their always online policy is no DRM and that it is a great efford to implement a offline mode. Modders proved otherwise and now this mod is rated from EA as a hack and can cost your account although they said before that they will support modding. They are big liars.
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Tpiom: I don't mean to be rude... but can someone explain the notion of pre-orders to me? You buy something and hope it's good...? Yes, you can get extras that you wouldn't get otherwise but what if the game is really, really bad.
teshra: New to gaming? Pre-orders have existed in various forms for a very long time.
Sure they have - but i suppose the point was that -is there any meaningful reason- for them. For player that is, for the seller and developer its ofcourse good thing to cash-in as much as possible before the reviews come out.

Case: "Aliens Colonial Marines" just to mention one.
MihaiHornet: Not necessarily, sometimes it's a matter of trusting and supporting the developer. If trusting = being a sucker, then yes.
nijuu: I dont understand why some dont like pre orders. Pre orders have always been the same whether digital or physical - you get bonuses or freebies for ordering and also in many cases a discount and ensurity you have access to it at launch. And like u said faith in publisher to make a good game. The other guy was just being bit of a cheapass dick who is conditioned on cheap sales and expect everything to cost $1...imho... unrealistic....
I look at pre-orders as trusting a developer, I have previously enjoyed their games...I will pre-order the next game for the discount. If I hate the game I pre-ordered...then the next time they make a game I will not pre-order and will usually wait for a lot of reviews and perhaps wait until it makes it to the discount bin.
As far as SIm City, maxis may have at one time been a trusted dev...that ended when they got swallowed up by EA. EA is a strict NO Pre-order for me, with no exceptions. EA/maxis got none of my money, and will not get any of my money when/if SimCity hits the bargain bin if it remains in the no offline state.
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jjsimp: EA is a strict NO Pre-order for me
Since new EA games require Origin, EA is a strict NO order for me. :)
jjsimp: EA is a strict NO Pre-order for me
MihaiHornet: Since new EA games require Origin, EA is a strict NO order for me. :)
Actually, I think the last EA game I bought, bargain bin or no, was Battlefield Vietnam.

Strike that...I purchased the first Dragon Age through Steam. I must have missed that EA in the corner in my lust for a new D&D game.
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jjsimp: Actually, I think the last EA game I bought, bargain bin or no, was Battlefield Vietnam.
Mass Effect 2 in my case.
Wow, another cool game from Larian I'm interested in. But I won't preorder and am going to wait until the price reaches areas that I can afford.
Don't know if someone posted this already, but the retail version of the Divinity Anthology has a code for a alternate jetpack for DC (a cosmetic-only golden one), for those who already have a digital version and/or don't want to buy a retail one, here is a option for a silver jetpack: (the page is working yet)

Will it have another language than english on GoG?
Dragon Commander is now available as an add-on for Divinity: Original Sin kickstarter pledges.

Update 12
RaggieRags: For me, the pre-order bonuses are usually cheap trash or pointless DLC and the discounts so small it's not worth the risk. Many obviously disagree. I just think pre-orders are mostly done based on wholly emotional rather than considered reasons.
MihaiHornet: I am not lured by pre-order bonuses, for me a pre-order is like a token of appreciation. If I like a developer (Larian is one of my favorites) and a game series (like Divinity which I like a lot) I pre-order without much other consideration other than DRM which is a big no no for me.
Yeah, same here, while I rarely pre-order games, I try to support developers I like. I'll probably go for the tier in their kickstarter campaign that includes this and their next game.
fisk0: I'll probably go for the tier in their kickstarter campaign that includes this and their next game.
Another game successfully funded on kickstarter is Grim Dawn. While the kickstarter campaign ended it can still be supported by pre-orders. :)

I know I'm repeating myself, but IMO Grim Dawn deserves and needs all the attention it can get.
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R_K: Will it have another language than english on GoG?
Dragon Commander will be released in English, French, German, Polish and Russian (other languages may be added). I don't know if anyone from GOG has said why only English is currently listed here. No language restrictions were mentioned on the Original Sin kickstarter page or comments, when it was stated that digital version of Dragon Commander (from the $65 tier with 2 copies of D:OS, or an add-on) could be redeemed from GOG.
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