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Real-Time Strategy redefined!

Divinity: Dragon Commander, an innovative fantasy real-time strategy game spliced with free-flight combat action, in-depth strategic view, and some trading card game mechanics, in which you become a fearsome Dragon Emperor, is available for pre-order 11% off on That's $39.99 until the game's release (planned for June).

[url=][/url]What is Divinity: Dragon Commander? Imagine a giant army rushing into battle. First, the scouts, agile and fast, with their bows always ready. Then the cavalry, blazing on their relentless mounts. Then, the heavy infantry--warriors of all the shapes, sizes, and races with their plate armors sounding with every step like the bells of doom. Right behind them, the battle beasts--horrors bred with one purpose only: destruction. Some of them pulling the ballistas, trebuchets, and other siege machines. Above them, a variety of zeppelins and flying machines ready to spread death from above. And then, suddenly, a great shadow falling over the battlefield. A gigantic winged dragon swooping down at lightning speed, propelled by a jetpack, breathing fire and roaring fiercely. An image sure to strike fear in the hearts of the enemies. You, however, have nothing to fear. This is your army, and you are the Dragon, its commander and Emperor.

Divinity: Dragon Commander will allow the player to experience war from many unique perspectives, thus breathing new life to real-time strategy genre. The idea to put the gamer in the role of a Dragon commanding its people (and elves, and dwarves, and undead, and--well, creatures) into battle and even taking part in the combat directly is original enough to make things interesting. The people who gave you the acclaimed Divinity RPG series decided however, to add a couple more layers to the gameplay. In the game, you'll get to make diplomatic decisions, manage your empire in an epic world-map mode, and even utilize elements of trading card game mechanics. All that and more, coupled with excellent visuals, and many available scenarios (single-player and multi-player alike), has great chances to become a milestone in the evolution of RTS genre.

Don't hesitate--seize your empire now, to rule it with an iron claw soon! Pre-order Divinity: Dragon Commander for only $39.99 on! The Divinity universe is about to get even more epic! Make sure you get to witness it from the start.
This looks like a lot of fun with rich gameplay. Hopefully not buggy. But I see no point in pre-ordering with such a steep pricing. Too risky.

I'll wait for reviews. Not to mention I've got a backlog of like a gazillion games yet to play.
Haha, so true.*click* *click*
TheOperaGhost: You misspelled "DEMOCRAT."

(And that's what you get for voting for the nanny state.)
Sogi-Ya: I vote for whoever does the least amount of pandering to lunatics ... all politicians are equal outside of that.
If voting for civilizational suicide is not "lunacy," then nothing is.
keeveek: Oh, I thought it's the other one. That isometric RPG that was Kickstarted.
Haha..! I thought the same at first. I was like, wow, they got a full product up already? So the kickstarter was to get back a part of the funds or something? I'm more excited about the other project, but have this wishlisted. :)
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I was one of the lucky people who got to help out with the demonstration of the game while it was still in the somewhat early alpha stage here in Poland a while back. I have to say it's nice to see how much the game has already progressed. Back when we helped demo the game, the ground and sea units weren't implemented yet and everything was a lot higher in the air :D.

Also, I accidentally found the developer's I-Win button on my unit while demoing the game. Hilarity ensued :D

"Well, I guess you REALLY wanted to win that match didn't you?" - after I accidentally the whole thing >.>
TheOperaGhost: If voting for civilizational suicide is not "lunacy," then nothing is.
Am I the only one who yelled out "holy SHIT!" at the price when they saw it?
ggf162: Am I the only one who yelled out "holy SHIT!" at the price when they saw it?
Nope... It's the most expensive game on so far.... But still if most Kickstarter supporters wedge out $50+ for a game that hasn't been created yet, then $40 for this game might not be that much....

Oooops... I forgot that The Witcher 2 upon release was $75 for Australia... My bad..
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The colors are purdy.

Maybe not $40 purdy.

But quite purdy.
TheOperaGhost: If voting for civilizational suicide is not "lunacy," then nothing is.
Licurg: +1
two words:


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MaridAudran: Ha!
G-Doc: We had a little game around the office this week:
You take a movie title (or book title), that has the word "dragon" in it, and add "with jetpack", thus making it sound 10 000 times more awesome. Like:

Enter the Dragon WITH JETPACK!

How to Train a Dragon WITH JETPACK!

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon WITH JETPACK!

Etc. :-)
Bloodygoodgames: A video game whose characters try to persuade you to legalize gay marriage in your lands and that make fun of political statements politicians in the real world have made? JESUS --- I think this game is going to be a MUST BUY the minute it is released :)
jjsimp: Not sure if you are serious or being sarcastic, but the developers have already said that the characters will only push you there if you play your characters as gay (whatever that means).
Of course, I"m being serious :)

I've been a huge supporter of gay rights for years and have always felt gays should have the same right to get married as the rest of us. And as they already to in quit a few countries.

So, yes, I'm definitely going to buy a game that introduces that subject and think Larian are awesome for including it in the game. Then again, they're European, so I wouldn't expect any less :)
Am I the only one looking at this and thinking, "Total War With Dragons" ?

Because if that's what it is DOWANT!
ugh, trading-card mechanics, sure hope those are optional..
EmilJ1_74: -
ugh, trading-card mechanics, sure hope those are optional..
From what I remember, they are :D

edit for clarity: IIRC, you did get a screen where you could choose a particular set of cards to use during a given battle but I believe you could just skip past it and not use any of the cards.
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