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Finally the little men created by Blue Byte Studios have settled on The second part of the popular strategy game has just arrived.
[url=]The Settlers 2 is a classic real-time strategy game, considered by many fans to be the best game of the series. The Gold Edition consists of the main game - Veni, Vidi, Vici and the Mission CD expansion. This part of The Settlers is Roman-themed - your goal in the campaign is to lead a group of wayward Romans who got stranded on an uncharted island. What is probably the most interesting thing about the game is the economy - you need to carefully manage resource gathering, processing and transportation. Once your settlement flourishes, you can set out to make war on your neighbors and conquer what is rightfully yours.
W00t purchased. Just when I was starting to think GOG had given all it had to give. :D
Settlers 2.....those memories...*sniff*
This is one of my most precious childhood memories and I do own the game already in different forms -- including the great remake. But since this is GOG I will have to get this as soon as I get some extra money.
This looks very entertaining, will be picking this up for the weekend.
I love this game so much....great memories.
Fantastic bought & bought
Definitely the best game in the series.
What have you done GoG?!?!?!?
There goes my free time down the drain...
Settlers is an interesting series, played almost all of them (not played the last one) and of them all, two stood out. This one and number 4. I'll be picking this one up when I return from the UK and here's hoping that one day, number 4 can make it here too =)
Another strategy gem and a really great game. I'm still waiting for the civ-series to complement this ;-)
There is an interesting project for a settler2 port. It is still at the beginning and many functions like AI are not implemented yet, but for a little online play it seems to work nice yet.
thank you very much , i'll get hold of this classic this weekend :)
do you guys sell free time as well?
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I have it in CD but I recommend this game for those who like to build cities and explore lands, but caution, this game can take all your time. :)
Great news!
And there was me thinking.... Hmmm no new release this Tuesday.
Nice surprise :) Thnx!
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No brainer, sold.