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Strike Suit Zero, a visually stunning revival of space combat sim genre, with many fresh gameplay ideas, featuring dynamic action, sleek spacecraft design, and mindblowing music, is now available today on for 40% off. That's only $11.99!

A lot of games nowadays seem like a copy of a copy's copy. You know what to expect: better graphics, maybe some new features, even more movie-like appearance, new achievements. And it's OK, a lot of people dig this kind of simple entertainment: sit down, zero thinking, suit yourself.

And that's the reason we at love indie devs. Because they are not afraid to go in a completely new direction. To try a genre that "just won't sell" because "there's no market demand". To get back to gaming roots. To go crazy. To make their gaming dreams come real. To make the game they want to play.

Strike Suit Zero is a visually stunning revival of the space combat sim genre. It's old school meets new school with huge battles, tight controls, and atmosphere straight from a mecha anime. You know this the moment when the mech launches dozens of rocket and they suspend in the air for a second before painting the skies with fire? That's Strike Suit Zero. A little bit more arcade than classic space sims like X-Wing vs TIE Fighter, but difficult enough to require some skill to progress. This is our kind of entertainment: suit up, zero in, strike down.

Grab your joystick and play Strike Suit Zero now on for only $11.99. The discount will last until tomorrow, April 4 at 9:59 AM GMT.
timppu: I'm interested, but right now I have to be extra careful with money. I just bought a 150€ astronomical telescope (up to 675x magnification, I think), and a 300€ systems camera...
tinyE: Give us a heads up when you find that giant asteroid headed toward us. Nothing flashy, just a simple "head up" will do.
Why do you think I just recently downloaded and backed up all my 473 GOG games, huh?
DLC incoming? I'll pass...
Ahh you tempting bastards. I shouldn't be buying it, but it's a tempting. New, DRM free, looks cool, in space....already on my wishlist....

I have no job, you are killing me.
Zoltan999: I wasn't a big fan of Bangkok, and spent most of my time in the North...the wood carvings, temples and people are wonderful there...and of course the food, if you like Thai. Enjoy you lucky dog!
Yeah we won't be much in the BKK area either. Probably just rent a car once again, hang around with friends near the Cambodian border, and maybe visit some places from there with the car for a couple of days (Chao Lao beach etc.), certain waterfalls where you can swim etc. The kind of things you rarely get to do in Finland outdoors, especially in a +27 C water.

What this has to do with Strike Suit Zero, I'm not sure. :)
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Just noticed I had this on my wishlist so must have some worth. Bought.
Tempting. It is in my wishlist, but... perhaps waiting for the "complete" edition would be better for me. I still have a lot of games that can be played in my not-so-high-specs laptop too. I assume this game would run heavy in my daily laptop, so I think I'll pass for now.

Or if it will be in some indie bundles, I might purchase it. Just a cheaper way (for me) to get the game. Or maybe I just need to wait until end of year discount to get this game.
Just gave it a try. Seems fun but not quite the same league as the classics of the genre. Oh well, I guess you can't be picky when it comes to space combat sims. :p
I'm more of a Freespace / Freelancer type of space sim gamer. You only have to read words like: "sit down, zero thinking" in this game's description to see that it's nothing but an arcade space game. and if that's the type of game you prefer then you might as well play Star Conflict online, because that's pretty much a space shooter.

There are better space sims than this around (download Freespace 2 from GOG instead). Plus there are some good ones coming out in the next year or so, such as Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous and Limit Theory.

I hope GOG has already contacted Josh Parnel to have Limit Theory on here, and if they haven't - WHY NOT?!