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Get cocky!

Humans Must Answer, an old-school Sci-Fi shoot-em-up with razor-sharp visuals, non-stop action, and witty humor, is available 60% off on That's only $3.99 for the next 24 hours!

By the decree of the intergalactic union of intelligent species, Earthlings have been declared responsible for genocide of chickenkind. The time has come for the the avian civilization to take vengeance for their extra-crispy deep-fried brethren. You have been selected to pilot The Golden Eagle, a single craft tasked with the mission of infiltrating human defenses and demolishing the filthy cradle of violence and blood lust known as the Solar System. Your ship's firepower, speed, and relatively small size give you an advantage over the Earthlings, but you can't expect a fierce species like that not to put up a fight. Proceed with caution, and take no prisoners!

Humans Must Answer combines everything you loved about r-typish horizontal shoot-em-ups that graced the arcades in the good old days, with sleek high-res graphics and lots of peckuliar humor. Fast and flashy gameplay throws tons of enemies at you, as you blast through many gorgeous, destructible, and highly-detailed stages. As you might have expected your state-of-the-art fighter craft can be fitted with tons of additional weaponry so you can take on the huge bosses that stand guard for the sinister carnivores you're up against. With all of the Solar System to conquer (in virtually any order you might fancy), great variety of adversaries, and an orgy of explosions, this modern arcade title has everything that makes shooter fans cluck. I mean tick.

Show those murdering earthlings that vegan diet is the way to go and punish them for their evil ways in Humans Must Answer, a seriously fun shoot-em-up for only $3.99 on The promo lasts until Thursday, October 10, at 9:59AM GMT.
Do I smell something burning, Chicken. That's what I'd expect with my track record of getting blown up in arcade shooters etc
This game great.
deonast: Do I smell something burning, Chicken. That's what I'd expect with my track record of getting blown up in arcade shooters etc
XD if for no other reason than this I'm going to pass, for now.
Appearance in indie bundle soon. I'm calling it now.
No love for the chickens! But honestly kinda missed it on the main page today with all the other news postings, kinda didn't get past the shutdown announcement the first time I looked at it anyway!
Bought this on the release day here at GOG, nice to see it promo'd again. A competent shooter that I'll have to try again now that I have my Xbox controller set up on my PC. I expect it will play much better that way than the keyboard.
That's a great game and controller friendly too :)
I'll have to think about it. But not now, definitely not now. I'm awake for 26 hours already and I need at least 3 hours before I can go to bed. So no, not now...