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The Swiss Alps. 1855.


This is a Game of Forum mafia. Please don't post here unless you've been directed here from the Sign Up Board. Or Personal Message

direct any queries you may have to the the the General Discussion and Administration Pages.

Rules Classico

1. JoeSapphire Moderates this game. His command must be obeyed.

2. The game is split into two phases - The Voting Stage, and The Action Phase. During the voting stage players may write on the page, and place their votes. The aim of a vote is to achieve a lynch. Once a majority vote has been reached, then the voting stage will end and the action phase will begin. During the action phase no players may write to this page. The action phase ends once the deadline has been reached, and the voting stage will begin again. The voting stage will be referred to as 'Day' throughout the game, and the action phase will be referred to as 'Night'.

3. Votes should be phrased thusly: Vote Pazzer. Unvotes should be phrased thusly: Unvote Pazzer. Each player may vote for any other living player. A player may vote for only one player at a time. A vote may be withdrawn by unvoting. A player who is being voted for by the majority of living players will be immediately lynched and the game will go to the action phase.
A player may also vote nolynch. A majority of nolynch votes will end the day without a lynch.

4. When you are dead, you are dead - stop posting.

5. Don't edit your posts!
ALSO Do not post multiple times without leaving a break of 10 minutes between posts.

6. Please bold any requests for votecounts or questions to the moderator.

7. Everything within the game should happen on this page, in messages to the moderator or in any pages specified in your role message from the moderator.

8. Do not quote or paraphrase too closely any PMs you receive from the mod.

9. All players should post at least once every 36 hours. If you expect to be away for more than 36 hours, please let JoeSapphire know either through PM or in the game thread.

10. All players on the winning team win! even if they are dead.
If you can no longer participate in the game, contact JoeSapphire with word to that effect.
Players who are modkilled or replaced out will automatically lose the game.

11. You may freely discuss your LIKES, HATES and CLUES throughout the first voting stage (Day One), but after that LIKES, HATES and CLUES, whether they're real or falsified, whether they've been discussed in the past or not, MUST NOT BE MENTIONED.


All players have recieved a role. Here is a sample role:

BERNIE VON MORIZ, neutral ski instructor.
You were hired to teach these people skiing! You don't even know any of them! You have no idea why you've been shot dead!

You LIKE... well you don't actually know anybody...
You HATE the person who shot you? You wish you knew who that was!
CLUE The killer seems to have left copious amount of red liquid at the crime scene.

WARNING - You may not mention your LIKES, HATES nor CLUES after Day One, nor anywhere other than the forum. On pain of PUBLIC RIDICULE.

You win when - you get revived by modern technology.

You have the ability to - teach skiing. Well actually you're not so good at that anymore. You're fairly adapt at rigor mortis.

1. Telika - ded
2. JMich - ded
3. Flubbucket
4. pazzer - ded
5. Robbeasy ded
6. Vitek
7. p1na
8. amok - ded
9. DarkoD13
11. twilightbard - ded
12. SirPrimalform - ded
13. nmillar - ded
14. Red_Baron - ded

"Truly officer I had nothing to do with the murders! Let me give you a full statement!

My name is Caroline Bianchi. I'm 32 years of age and I have very recently witnessed a series of quite dreadful murders and only narrowly escaped with my life!
You see, I was hosting a party in a ski chalet further up the mountainside.
I have a full list of everyone in attendance, now let's see...

There was Gabriel Delaney and Edie Delaney. Mr Peter Browning was there, and Miss Harriet Franks. Inspector Lawrence Birch was our guest of honour. Then there was Messirs George Mariner and Frances Page. Mrs Constance Drabble and Mrs Prudence Eggars. Young Mrs Delilah Cattling. Mr Christopher Sedgeworthy. My good friend Rosemary Pollit and of course the old stage magician Damian Hoarly.
So there were fourteen of us in all.

I had been there two nights, and everybody had been arriving slowly, as you know people will do when you are spending a week away, people just find it so hard to break away from their day-to-day business. Well I had spent two nights there and by the third morning everybody had arrived and we were all hoping to get out onto the snow when we discovered...
I'm sorry it was such a shock...
a corpse! officer! Directly outside the chalet.

Pazzer had been killed! He was Bernie Von Moriz, neutral ski intructor!

He has been hired, you see, to instruct the party, so many of us had NEVER ski'd before. And here he was! Shot! There was so much blood I could hardly believe it. I believe I fainted clean away when I first looked upon it.

We telegraphed for Scotland Yard of course, except that we could because we had been quite cut off from the outside world. That was when we started to realise what was happening.

We agreed that someone must come to town and get help, but without the gondola cars, which had been shut down by some outside means, there was no way of descending the mountain without traversing the slope on a pair of skis. Which, it turned out, all of us simply could not do.

And that was the second shock because Inspector Birch had been to see the body and he, with his brilliant mind, had seen something the significance of which had quite surpassed me and the rest of the common folk. You see there were three sets of tracks made by skis.

These tracks led from the chalet to the dense fir woodland that surrounds the chalet on nearly every side, but that one that faces the sheer drop down, and then to the body of the departed foreigner whose name I cannot recall, and back to the chalet.
We were terrified! We thought that three murderous intruders had broken in upon our gathering, but the inspector made a grave announcement that made me shudder to the core.
The killers were among us here!!!

Oh officer! The fright we had! I don't know how they managed it, but many of the party were made of sterner stuff than I and grimly agreed that the murderers must be flushed out and brought to justice!
The inspector said that everybody must be questioned. That was the way to ascertain who the guilty party was. Even himself, he declared would not be free from the questioning procedure - such a noble man! - for of course, how were we to trust him? How were we to trust anybody?

So there we were. We stood around in that wooden chalet, hunting trophies on the walls and floors, the fire roaring to expell the icy chill which could not have solely been the effect of the eternal snowfall, and that great slope before us, disappearing down to the hazy white void; that monstrous cavern that seemed hungry for us even then!
We stood and questioned, officer! We discoursed!
I remember the first that that was said was...
Post edited April 18, 2014 by JoeSapphire
I... I... don't know who I am.
It was an odd thing to hear said. Because surely EVERYONE KNOWS WHO THEY ARE...
but truly officer that was what was said!

I remember the next words there uttered were...
Update : I know who I am. Sorry, officer, it's just that... I hadn't been informed of who I was yet, so, I couldn't know... I... okay it sounds confused but... if I hadn't been told...

I mean, I would have told you immediately that I learnt who I am, but I don't like to say two consecutive things in less than ten minutes, because, then, people merge everything I say, and it makes me explode. Literally, yes.

Also, I confess, I didn't even know where I was because I, hm, hadn't checked yet. Sorry. I was a bit too surprised to not know who I was to check where I was, see. Yes it makes absolutely sense I swear.


Who am I talking to anyway. We are fifteen ? Why is Caroline Bianchi looking at me like that. Is she even one of ours ?

Gabriel Delaney
Edie Delaney
Mr Peter Browning
Miss Harriet Franks
Inspector Lawrence Birch
George Mariner
Frances Page
Constance Drabble
Mrs Prudence Eggars
Mrs Delilah Cattling
Mr Christopher Sedgeworthy
Rosemary Pollit
Damian Hoarly

Thirteen. Plus, Bianchi ? Fourteen ? Bernie fifteen ? Hm. Not Bernie, not fifteen. Uh, How do numbers work, already ?

I have the impression that Caroline Bianchi (or at least "a" Caroline Bianchi) has nothing to fear. So, how many are we. Are we fifteen or thirteen ? Am I the only perplexed one here ?
... JoeSapphire is dork and he is in love with flubbucket.
Argh there is no officer there. Temporal displacement, sorry. It's the emotion.

*eats some snow*

Okay. Now. Are we 13, are we 15, or am I alone here ?
What a truly dreadful thing to occur and right when I had decided it would be prudent to go in and have a cup of tea. But that ski instructor, he could have been some of a ladies man. I believe they often tend to attract the younger like flies, though I myself would never share such frivolous behavior and I trust Mrs Eggars share my sentiment. However did I mention that I believe it must have been a lovers quarrel? All those young ladies and only one man, it was bound to go wrong - though I cannot for the life of me imagine who would do such a horrible dead and those tracks - certainly it cannot be that 3 people of our fine company would stoop so low, it must be a trick of some kind. Perhaps the Mr Hoarly will share some of his "wisdom" with us, like usual - I bet he has all sorts of fancy ideas to bother us with.

1.Caroline Bianchi
2.Gabriel Delaney
3.Edie Delaney
4. Mr Peter Browning
5. Miss Harriet Franks
6. Lawrence Birch
7.Messirs George Mariner
8.Frances Page
9.Mrs Constance Drabble
10. Mrs Prudence Eggars
11.Young Mrs Delilah Cattling
12.Mr Christopher Sedgeworthy
13.Rosemary Pollit
14.Damian Hoarly

I see no problem here.

Vote SirPrimalform.
He is still ugly-looking monster and should die. At least I am Avon lady and can offer him tons of make-up to cover his face, so don't worry my friends. Town won't have to fear is face. :-p
Telika: Am I the only perplexed one here ?
No, I have absolutely no clue about what is going on here, this is a novel approach... n an Agatha Christie novel that is, so come on, fess up - who did it then?

But as this is a game of mafia, and it is day one, so I am going to open up the voting:
Vote nmillar, because I did not get more brain controlled drugs, even though I asked nicely.

There are certain things we are not to discuss after Day 1, but does it mean we can or should do it now?
Oh and since I miss voting for Zchinque

vote Zchinque
Red_Baron is already making alibi for himself?
Let's test rules. Vote Red_Baron
amok: Vote nmillar, because I did not get more brain controlled drugs, even though I asked nicely.
Did you actually open the envelope?
amok: Vote nmillar, because I did not get more brain controlled drugs, even though I asked nicely.
nmillar: Did you actually open the envelope?
...I... ate it...
Vitek: 14.

1.Caroline Bianchi
2.Gabriel Delaney
3.Edie Delaney
4. Mr Peter Browning
5. Miss Harriet Franks
6. Lawrence Birch
7.Messirs George Mariner
8.Frances Page
9.Mrs Constance Drabble
10. Mrs Prudence Eggars
11.Young Mrs Delilah Cattling
12.Mr Christopher Sedgeworthy
13.Rosemary Pollit
14.Damian Hoarly

I see no problem here.
And 15 ?

1. Telika
2. JMich
3. Flubbucket
4. QuadrAlien
5. Robbeasy
6. Vitek
7. p1na
8. amok
9. DarkoD13
11. jacobbama
12. SirPrimalform
13. nmillar
14. Red_Baron
15. Zchinque

No pazzer or joesaphhire in the list, so all names seem to be legit players.

Plus, if Caroline Bianchi survives, she's either a NPC, or "impersonated" by a survivor who would need to be a lady and a scum (why would a townie lie to the officer about her identity), which itself requires a pecific ending. So, I'd be surprised if she was both one of us and plot-wise immortal.
But Zchinque never signed up for game. I hope he is there for some Joesque reason.