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shadowrgog: I voted, I completely agree because it makes reviews a one time shot and if the problems in a game were patched or it were improved through expansions, impressions of a game could change over time. I don't know if reviews can be changed by personally contacting staff in a case by case basis, but if not, it should be left as an option or even a limited option such as editing reviews for a set amount of times. I would prefer unlimited but any effort to move this forward would be better than nothing. Sometimes one review is enough but if issues or concerns were discussed that were not an issue due to updates, it would be inaccurate (even though one could cross reference such reviews with when it was made versus the update date) and I have seen edited reviews by GOG staff stating it was updated like in Defender's Quest. Let's hope for the best, thanks for bringing awareness to this.
A timely case is DoubleBear's 'Dead State'. The game currently has mainly bad reviews and an average rating of 3.5 (I think). Most negative reviews are based on the buggyness of the game (does the word 'buggyness' exist?).
Should this be corrected in the future, there would be no way to resolve the problem.
Kinda serves DoubleBear right for publishing an unfinished, buggy game, but then again, punishment for early mistakes is not the purpose of reviews, but to help GOGlodytes in their purchase decisions ...
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