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How can you NOT challenge a perfect, immortal machine?!

System Shock™ 2, the cult classic FPS/RPG Sci-Fi techno-thriller with elements of Cronenbergian surreal body horror, is available 75% off on That's only $2.49 for the next 24 hours!

[url=][/url]We don't really have to remind you how awesome System Shock™ 2 is, do we? It was right on top of's community wishlist with over 36,000 votes, it is on practically each and every "greatest games of all time" list, it remains an inspiration for game developers to this day! Suffice to say, it was high-fives all around the company when we were finally able to release this timeless gem. Some of us were like: "Awesome, this is still the best Sci-Fi horror game ever made!" And others were like: "Sure, but don't forget how influential the ground-breaking mix of suspense, role-playing, and FPS was back in the day!" And some of us just cried: "Marry me, SHODAN!"

System Shock™ 2 remains one of the crowning achievements of the computer gaming industry, a piece of art that belongs with the best thrillers pop-culture has to offer across all media, on par with David Cronenberg's body horror films, or Philip K. Dick's chilling techno-tales.

Get ready for the ultimate journey aboard star ship VonBraun, you pathetic creature of meat and bone! Get System Shock™ 2 for only $2.49 on The offer lasts until Tuesday, September 10, 9:59AM GMT.
amcdermo: What's the catch? ;)
The catch is that you have to name your first born son 'Amy'
SS2 is a real classic
Love this game!! Thanks GOG.
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Finally got it *guilty look* :D
finally a discount. I have been waiting for this!
tokisto: Oh well, got it on Steam promo, did a try for about one hour and left. I spent more time fitting the game with the mods than playing. The game didn´t motivate me enough to go on. I dunno if is my cup of tea genre. I love sci-fi, and spent a significant amount of time reading all the comments and listening the audio-logs, which I enjoy a lot, but I got too stressed and scared on enemy combat (yeah, I´m a chicken-hearted at horror games). For my taste, do you think it gets better later? Thank you.
Well, that is why you NEVER, EVER install mods unless the game is terribly glitchy, or you have finished the game as it was meant to be played at least 2-3 times.
One of my favourite games from the late 1990s... still have my original retail box from 1999 (price tag: $59.99!), but I figure an extra copy won't hurt, especially at this price.

Finished the game a few times, but my last playthrough was 8 or 9 years ago. Starting to feel the urge to play it again, especially with some hi-res texture upgrades... :-)
Hmm, never heard of...
This is my 4th copy of System Shock 2. :)
Downloaded and installing now!
I meant to buy this when I saw the promo but didn't have my wallet on me. I promised myself I would get to this later and now I missed it! @#$!