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This thread can be used to record your resolutions for 2015. I'm creating it a bit early because I just decided on mine.

I will not buy games with DRM
I will not drink alcohol (except a big bottle of whiskey for my birthday)
And I think... I will not buy... games in 2015 (except The Witcher 3 and Hatred)

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Don't post in threads like this.
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I still plan on using 1920x1080. I see no reason to upgrade yet.
I will not buy DRM games, except for the console but I will be drinking find scotch and irish whisky whenever I can, in moderation of course.

On a serious not, try and get enough art collected together to start doing fairs and festivals.
Actually beating some of my games before I buy new ones.
Furthering some writing projects.
Improving my Japanese language competence past something not very bright.
2015? I'm lucky to stick to just one!
1600X900 720p
4K hopefully, but we all know that isn't going to happen very soon
Making the next year a better one than this!
MaximumBunny: I still plan on using 1920x1080. I see no reason to upgrade yet.
I moved down from 1920x1200 to 1080p because current laptops come with the latter. Would have preferred the higher res.

Beside that, I'll probably stick to 1280x800, unless I decide to move to a higher-res tablet.
What's wrong with the last year's resolution? They have been used only the first week of 2014 so they are as good as new ;)

On a serious note: I'm not making any resolution, I try to be better every day, I don't see why a New Year's Eve should be the best day to make some decisions.
In a timely order...

Drink lots of alcohol.
Make it back home in one piece after holiday.
Clean up the mess.
Move to a new place eventually.
Finish Eador Master of the Broken World somewhen in 2015.
Play Witcher 3 (hopefully).
Ever get back to Skyrim to play this Morrowind Vampires mod.
Participate more active in Camelot Unchained Alpha testing.
1920x1080 on my main laptop and 1440x900 on my second...
Quit smoking for the fourth time, aargh. These tobacco company executives are evil fuckers! Also, I'd like to pay off some old debt.
Talk about resolutions in a geek forum.. haha.

1920x1200 ftw! More vertical res. 1920x1080 for projector and 1366x768 for laptop.

Oh, about resolutions, I don't really make those.