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gogtrial34987: Oh nice! I originally read a Dutch translation of that, way back when, and then spent a lot of effort tracking down an English copy of it (plus its two sequels). Good to see it more easily accessibly like this (though I'll happily prefer picking up my dead tree copies when the fancy strikes to reread them again). :)
I would prefer an actual book, too, because I don't like reading longer texts at the computer.
I only learned of the Deathworld books through Solus as on one island there are several books hidden among the debris of the destroyed spaceship.
Article: Ein Regierungspraesident i. R. versucht den Ruf unseres Landes zu heilen - mit einem sehr guten Brief nach Wolgograd
Letter was written by Karl-Wilhelm Lange.

Article: "Die Zensur schlaegt auf die Zensoren zurueck" by Jean Bricmont
About the new law against "fake news" in France.
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"The Myst" by Stephen King.

After several months I can finally continue reading more books from this incredible author.
Article: "Tagesdosis 8.2.2018 - Letale Demokratie?" by Bernhard Loyen
About the GroKo.

Article: "Verschwenden wir mehr Zeit!" by Patrick Zimmerschied
A philosophical and spiritual contemplation about the contrast between Neoliberalism and transcendence.
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The Jungle Books by Rudyard Kipling
Article: "Querfront der Gefuehle" by Rubikons Jugendredaktion
About the peace movement in Germany. "Ouch!", because I feel kind of addressed by it.
"The Ethical Engineer" by Harry Harrison
Wonderful Tonight by Pattie Boyd - the story of her life as a model, photographer, world traveler, and wife of George Harrison and Eric Clapton (not at the same time, of course).
Augustus Richard Norton, Hezbollah: A short history

Relatively short book (about 200 pages in the updated 2014 edition, with fairly large print) about the Lebanese Shia militant group. Quite interesting, doesn't ignore Hezbollah's violence, but treats it not just as a terror group, but also as a political force and deals with the social and cultural background (e.g. it includes an interesting description of festivities during Ashura, a central event in the Shia religious calendar). Recommended if you're interested in Mideast politics.
Fall of Damnos by Nick Kyme, a WH40K novel. Pretty...average.
Article: "Wird der Kongress dem 'Tiefen Staat' entgegentreten?" by Ray McGovern
It's a translation of this text: Will Congress Face Down the Deep State?

Article: "Nachtrag zum Gedenken an Stalingrad, zur Darstellung Russlands und seines Praesidenten in westlichen Medien und Reaktionen unserer Leser."
Letters from readers about Russia, Stalingrad and our media.
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Marvel 1602 and Watchmen
German Autumn by Stig Dagerman
Article: "Der Bankrott der Linken" by Chris Hedges
A translation of "The Bankruptcy of the American Left".

Article: "Tagesdosis 13.2.2018 - Ein Desaster, das darauf wartet, zu geschehen" by Dirk Pohlmann
About the conflicts in the Middle East.

Edit (15.02.2018):
Article: "Quo vadis Spanien?" by Gunther Sosna , Reinhard Paulsen
About Spain and Catalonia.

Article: "Droht im Nahen Osten ein neuer, grosser Krieg?" by Rainer Rupp
About the failed Israeli air strike in Syria.
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Jesus of Nazareth by Roman Brandstaetter
With 1,5k pages this one may take me a while ;)