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I'm kind of in my "I can't decide what I want to focus on" phase so I'm juggling the following:

Neuromancer - William Gibson
The Voice of the Fire - Alan Moore
Jerusalem - Alan Moore
The First Book of Swords - Fred Saberhagen
Silverlock - John Myers Myers
DieRuhe: Neuromancer - William Gibson
Been thinking I need to read this series again. Odd you mentioned it since I was talking about it just yesterday at work.

Currently I'm reading Robert R. McCammon's Blue World, which is an anthology of short fiction.
Currently reading El regreso del Catón by Spanish author Matilde Asensi. She's very good at writing adventure stories with a lot of humor.
This is not exactly reading a book but I started playing two games on Android that are text RPGs and involve reading hundreds of pages of story and it feels like a book. The games are "The Great Tournament" and "Magium". The first is completely free and completed. The second is about one and a half books in and continues to give more content. The first book is unlocked, to unlock the second book without paying, you just have to complete some easy achievements while reading/playing the first book. Warning: they are addictive, I played yesterday and didn't even realise two hours had passed.
Gorky Park by Martin Cruz Smith and Burning Chrome, a William Gibson anthology.
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Starting with Hunger by Martín Caparrós. Looks interesting, but also depressing.
I'm currently reading "Iron kingdom" by Christopher Clark, about the history of Prussia.
Only read the first 200 pages (it has almost 700), now at the time of Frederick the Great. Looks very interesting so far, embarrassingly enough I hadn't known that much about Prussian history despite being German.
Reading this Italian edition of Walter Scott's Ivanhoe.