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Satire: NATO wirft Putin Unsportlichkeit vor! by Jens Lehrich

Article: Den sollten wir uns spa'n! by Roland Rottenfußer
About the politician Jens Spahn.

Edit (16.03.2018):
Article: Alles bekannt ueber den Holocaust? by Anneliese Fikentscher and Andreas Neumann
About the holocaust and whether everything is known to public.

Article: Die Salisbury Tales - was verschweigen Medien und Politik im Falle des vergifteten russischen Doppelagenten? by Jens Berger
Article: Russian to Judgement by Craig Murray
Both articles are about the case Sergej Skripal and justified doubt about Russian's guilt.

Article: Kooperation statt Konkurrenz! by Lynn Margulis
An excerpt from the book "Der symbiotische Planet" (Symbiotic Planet : A New Look at Evolution)

Edit (17.03.2018):
Satire: NATO in Not! by Jens Lehrich
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