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Craft - Again
Frost - "Experiments in Mass Appeal"

also known as "the masterpiece album no one ever heard about until after 10 years after release xDD
Fogweaver - Fogweaver (2019)
The singer sounds a lot like Ozzy Osbourne.
Nightstalker - Great Hallucinations (2019) (New Full Album)
Borknagar - Voices
Alliance - Apocalypse Tomorrow [Epic Powerful Dramatic]

Alliance - Apocalypse Tomorrow [Lich King Voice - Epic Powerful Dramatic]
Throbbing Gristle - The First Annual Report
Charta 77 - Nar Varldssamvetet Tog Semester (when the global conscience went on vacation)
Kurt Tomlinson - Post Apocalypse [Intense Action Music]
"Glaube wenig, hinterfrage alles, denke selbst" - Albrecht Mueller bei den BUCHKOMPLIZEN
The Cure - "Disintegration"
"Way To Darchan" by Michael Maas
Icewind Dale Retrospective | A History of Isometric CRPGs (Episode 5)
"Der Griff nach Eurasien" - Hermann Ploppa bei den BUCHKOMPLIZEN