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New features, local currency option, new payment methods, store credit, and an updated look for!

For almost six years now we strive to bring you not only the best in DRM-Free gaming, but also to give you the greatest experience possible. To that end we're always looking for ways to improve our site and service. Today, we're rolling out a vastly updated version of our store with an improved interface, sleek new look, and lots of handy new features. Let's take a quick tour, shall we?

Video: Welcome to the fresher, better!

First of all we are giving you more DRM-free content: movies! We are starting with 20 documentaries about internet and gaming culture but we aim high! You can find more on this in the appropriate newspost, so let's focus on the other features we're rolling out.

We wanted to give you more choice as to how you pay for things on Now it's up to you if you want to pay in US Dollars, or in the currency primarily used in your country, whether it's the Euro, Pounds Sterling, Australian Dollars, or Russian Roubles. That's four new currencies supported by for your convenience. Still - the choice is yours, so if you want to stick to US dollars, just switch to it - you find this option at the bottom of each page. To make buying things at an even more flexible process, we're introducing some new payment methods: Sofort, Giropay, Webmoney, and Yandex.

All this also means that users for whom the local currency pricing has been enabled will have an option to select one of two different prices for each game in our catalog. Of course, we stand by the simple truth that $1 does not equal 1€, so a game with a $5.99 price tag will cost 4.49 Euro, 3.69 British Pounds, 6.49 Australian Dollars, and 219 Roubles respectively. $9.99 translates to 7.49 Euro, 5.99 Pounds Sterling, 10.89 Australian Dollars, and 359 Roubles. In a perfect world we would apply the same method of pricing to all of the games we offer. However, things are a little bit more complicated, and there are some games in our catalog that follow a different region-based pricing scheme. However, we wouldn't be if we didn't find a way to make right by the users who end up paying relatively more for such titles. Here's where the Fair Price Package comes in!

The Fair Price Package applies to all of the titles which we couldn't include in our standard pricing scheme. If you end up paying more for a game than its standard US Dollar price, we'll refund you the difference out of our own pocket. The refunded value will be added to your account in Store Credit in the currency of your purchase. That's right, no more gift codes, you'll be getting Store Credit that you can use to purchase anything on or partially pay for an item that's more expensive. More choice, ease of use, and less limitations!

Finally, the store has gotten itself a substantial visual revamp. We went for a fresh, mobile-friendly design that should make it even easier to find the games you want, notice the hot promos, and see what's new. The main page, catalog view, product pages, and checkout have been updated and also lay the groundwork for even more overhaul, coming within the next few months together with many of the GOG Galaxy features. We hope you like it!

PS. Unfortunately, we need to drop some titles from our classic catalog. In such cases, we always do our best to give you an advance warning and a last chance to purchase such games - preferably with a considerable discount. Check this news post to find out which titles are being removed from our catalog, when will it happen, and what parting discounts for them do we currently offer.
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My main thing I do not like is there is no way now to clearly see the games you have bought already when searching through.
Wow... So I just didn't check a website for a day and WOW - so many changes! The idea with movies about gaming is really good, I will check out one or two of them for sure. I guess I just have to get used to the new layout - I think I liked the old one better as it was more colorful and clearer, but I guess I can live with a new one too! It's nice you're trying to be ahead of Steam and their ideas! Good job guys!
After poking around the site a bit more, I'm pretty sure that offering a black background (instead of the current light grey) would look much better, and obviously white text or really light grey text would be needed with that background. Please offer it as an alternative skin!
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Your statement is bullsh*t!

A new web design is the ugliest I have seen in the long time. The original GOG webdesign was way better. Why don´t you add it to page setting as second skin?! I want old design back!!!
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ravl13: After poking around the site a bit more, I'm pretty sure that offering a black background (instead of the current light grey) would look much better, and obviously white text or really light grey text would be needed with that background. Please offer it as an alternative skin!
I second this..............arrghhg arghhh my eyes what happened to the old look :P At least the forum is the same.
1. COLOURS: The site has always been grey. So I am used to that. For my Library, I have it set to Wooden to add some colour.

2. FORUMS: The forums look the same and so do many other places.

3. HEADER: I like the header navigation. It's clear and to the point. It's always there no matter where I am.

4. MOVIES: I don't mind the Movie section, but it's 'odd' to have a movie section for a gaming site.

5. WISHLIST: Wishlist needs to display prices.

6. HOME PAGE: As with ALL new things, it takes time to get used to changes. I welcome the change and find the home page informative, though somewhat cluttered.
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Okay after checking the new fresher, but NOT better site a while: I could live with the new main page *teethgrinding*... BUT
the new game cards, omg... they really SUCK!
Where are the game covers; the trademark and recall value of each game?
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I think it looks fine and a lot of it is easier to navigate, but if you reverted the logo color to green yet kept the flatness, it would really pop out.

Now get rid of the weird skeuomorphism in the library and stuff! :P

(Also put some public domain games and movies on the site for $1 each! It'd be cool to have a "library" of compatible public domain works on GOG.)
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I like it. But I still won't support douchebags such as totalbisc with my money. I'd rather use steam which I hate, but you forced my hand. Oh and the top part of the store has a really strange gradient thing going on. THAT I don't like.
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I just noticed the DATE has been removed from the reviews! Without the date, the reviews are useless since I don't know what version of the game the review refers to. More importantly, I used the date on the reviews to determine when the game was added to GOG (since most reviews are posted in the same month as the release). I need to know roughly when a game was released on GOG so I can remember if it's not on my wishlist because I never saw it, or if I already did my research on the game and decided it wasn't for me. Please fix this GOG!

EDIT: Very cute new "sever overwhelmed" page though :-)
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Did you lose color? No, seriously, bring back the old look. Hey, I could actually repost my Facebook messages!
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ecamber: And I think the game's cover art should be somewhere on the page - some people remember a game by its cover art instead of its screenshots.

The biggest problem with the new site is no game prices on my wishlist. I can't even tell what games are on sale!

I do have to give props for using the Tux icon for Linux. Way to go!
agreed on all these points.
jalister: Web designers are the bane of computers. They always think they know what everyone wants, but seem to never be right. [...]
Sufyan: But but but the hipster teacher at the night classes told them that designs that punch you in the face with huge fonts and go swoosh and swipe are the future... Smart phones are the future... today.
Today in SO TRUE, you both are so so so right...
I believe it's too early to say anything about all these new updates, the best thing to do is to wait and see how it evolves.

Anyway, GOG took some bold decision, I hope it will work out for the best!
Change from something you knew and loved is always scary.

I miss seeing the "owned" tag on the games displayed. It always gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling.
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