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Up to 70% off Crimzon Clover, Raiden series, Raptor: Call of Shadows and more!

Is that confetti? No, it's a sea of bullets! It's a sea of flashing death-balls, missiles, laser beams and god-knows-whats coming right at you from every possible direction. You're surrounded by your impending doom - it'd be morbid if it wasn't so spectacular. Weekly Staff Picks: SHMUPS is that time of the week when we assault you with up to 70% off on some of the deadliest spectacles around.

The top three Crimzon Clover: World Ignition reviews call it "The BEST indie shmup on the PC", "Best shmup on PC" and a "Fine shmup". Are you feeling it yet? Go look at those screenshots, come back, did you see a game underneath all the SHMUP? Probably not, but that's the point we're making here - there is no shame in flying blind.
For a look at what lies behind the SHMUP historically, check out Raiden III. It leaves the insanity of bullet hell for the new kids on the block, opting for a modern, smooth, and precise experience with a classic formula. A revival of the classic Raiden series, and a "Fine shmup" in its own right.

SHMUP 'em all up with up to 70% off on Raiden Legacy, Raptor: Call of Shadows, and Humans Must Answer in Weekly Staff Picks: SHMUPS. The promo will last until Thursday, February 12, at 10:59 AM GMT.

<span class="bold">Weekly Staff Picks on Twitch</span>
Come down with us to the depths of bullet hell! MegaPiemanHD is taking on Raiden III in his Weekly Staff Picks Spotlight tonight! That's Monday, January 9, at 7:00 PM GMT / 2:00 PM EST / 11:00 AM PST on
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I might grab Crimson Clover as it looks good.
Does Crimzon Clover work with an Xbox 360 controller?
You can test Crimzon Clover and check compatibility in the free trial version you can get from here:

Edit: Actually thinking about it, that Crimzon Clover on GoG seems to be a remake of the original since it says release date 2014.

Crimzon Clover is really good, though.
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Enebias: Raptor: Call of Shadows is one of the very first games I tried back in the first half of the 90's (my uncle had a copy), yet I was way to young to have even the slightest chance to be a decent player! :P

I would like to play it again and finally beat it, yet I read that this is not the original DOS version but an apparently awful port. Is that true?

Edit- I meant: is it really that inferior to the original? I know for sure that it is a port! :)
Raptor (and Tyrian) are among my favorite games of all time. I have both the original (floppy disk) version and the new "updated" version. I've seen the complaints about the new version but I have not had any real issues with it. I don't find it substantially better than the original version either. I HIGHLY recommend the game but I can't tell you which version will work best for you.

Also, GOG, I still hate the new promo page. Please fix it or change it back. I'm obviously not alone in this.
Might be worth checking out if you're interested in an obscure game similar to Stargunner and co.
tinyE: Not my cup of tea BUT I wanted to point out to anyone who hasn't, if you love these games, for sure check out these titles but ALSO ALSO ALSO check out your free copy of Tyrian. It's IMHO the best SHMUP here, and that's not taking away from these games which are very worth owning in their own right. :D
Russonc: (I'm just not good at them)
tinyE: Every play the original Gradius on NES? You thought you were bad at these! :P
My eyes and reactions are just too old/slow to play for long on any of these type games.. I have a bunch, but can only stand about 10 mins at a time (at most). :)
Just so you guys know, I made a wishlist entry for the original dos version of raptor.

(Just search "raptor" on the wishlist and it should pop up)
How is Raiden Legacy on the fence anyone played it?
vanchann: GoG has removed the links from the game list.
Huzza, the games are clickable now! :)
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vanchann: GoG has removed the links from the game list.
Lemon_Curry: Huzza, the games are clickable now! :)
That's good news!

Thank you for the notification and thanks to GoG for the fix!
vanchann: That's good news!
Indeed, thanks a lot GOG!