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Puzzle your way out of sticky situations or just race past them.

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Each part of the Dracula Trilogy is just as fascinating as the last but The Path of the Dragon easily takes the cake and bites it too. A gloomy tale of a tormented priest investigating the death of a well-respected woman takes a thrilling turn when he's confronted with temptation, occult secrets, and the bloodiest pages of history.

Do you know how Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood managed to pull off his heroic deeds? Well, he had to employ stealth, patience, tactical genius, and utilize the abilities of his merry commandos to their fullest. There are over 30 missions here for you to try and do the same!

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Ghorpm: Dracula 1+2 is more or less one story split into two games
Dracula 3 is completely different and incidentally one of the best games ever
Dracula 4+5 should have been released as a single game. Even combined it's short (2.5 h and I finished both of them) and it's the same story. They are not bad but nothing really special. Just an ordinary story about a vampire.
MadalinStroe: And overall how are the three stories(1+2, 3, 4+5) connected? Are they stand alone, presumably having only a character named Dracula in them?
Yup, they only common part is Dracula

In Dracula 1+2 you play as Jonathan Harker so it's the beginning of XX century
In Dracula 3 you play as Father Arno and it's set after the First World War
In Dracula 4+5 you play as Ellen Cross and is set in modern times

There might be some loose references to previous titles (I don't remember) but in general the three stories are not connected. So you can easily play 4+5 then 1+2 and then 3.
Ghorpm: ...
Thank you! I might just get the trilogy now, but I have already added it to my bookmarks.
Ghorpm: It's a good time for my usual post ;)

Ghorpm’s "don’t miss this hidden gem" recommendation

Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon

For us, gamers, it's pretty obvious that Dracula does exist in this series but the main character, a catholic priest, does not believe in vampires. He is sent to Vladoviste to investigate a life and death of a doctor because local church authorities claim she should be canonized.

As you can imagine he starts to experience a lot of anomalies, people tell him strange stories and he has mysterious dreams...

The best thing is that supernatural is not bluntly thrown at you in this game. Your main task is to analyze numerous documents, talk with different people, search for clues and solve elaborate puzzles. Most of the time our good priest will actually find proofs that vampirism is just a myth but at the same time he will get a feeling that there is something else going on... something elusive... something incredibly well concealed... concealed by a sentient being. And it's teasing him. Teasing to follow this path... the Path of the Dragon...

As much as Dracula 1 and 2 are typical adventure games about human vs vampire struggle the third one is one of the best games I've ever played. I was in awe how marvelous this story was and how well it was told. Puzzles are hard but it gives a lot of satisfaction to solve them. And in a sense - some of them are quite similar to "The Ninth Gate". For example you'll be shown a few copies of the same painting and only by analyzing the differences between them you'll be able to solve some puzzles (trust me, it was not a spoiler, one character will directly explain that you have to do so but she won't give you an actual answer and neither did I so don't worry - I didn't spoil anything)

I can't recommend it strong enough!

TL;DR buy Dracula Trilogy and play Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon
I agree, this game really gem - story is very interesting. I just started Dracula series , I already played Dracula 3- sadly my first copy was piracy, but now I want finished all 5. Dracula Ressurection is finished (The game is an unofficial sequel to Bram Stoker's Dracula. Is not bad adventure game, it would have been interesting to know how Dracula resurrects, but sadly never explained.), second is in moment half gameplay, others waiting.
Ghorpm: ...
MadalinStroe: Thank you! I might just get the trilogy now, but I have already added it to my bookmarks.
You are welcome :)
Actually I think the three Dracula games are very uneven in puzzles and pace, but they are fantastic, wonderful, unbeatable in that oppressive ambience.

I played them last year for the first time and I enjoyed them a lot. Despite some timed sequences, some sudden deaths and all.
Painted_Doll: I wonder how many Windows 10 users will buy Moto Racer 2 .
You can run any of these games under Windows 10, just put dgVoodoo 2 (and the MS folder content) into the game directory.

Actually this method works for most of the old games (like SHOGO: M.A.D.) and many others, that aren't in the GOG Catalog.

Last time I tryed to run the demo version of VR Sports PowerBoat Racing game, that has some special DirectX 5 or 6 functions, but with dege's dgVoodoo 2 does the trick and it does work! Pure magic :)

The only problem is, that the game has 640x480 max. resolution.
The same can be said for Moto Racer 1.