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The Book of Unwritten Tales, Desperados, Full Spectrum Warrior, Red Faction, and more...

Whether you're in the mood for something seriously classic, something unique and independent, or adventure, or tactics, one thing's for sure: <span class="bold">Weekly Sale Vol. 26</span> has it all.

Plus, get <span class="bold">everything War for the Overworld</span> at up to 67% off for the next two weeks!

What's else is really worth checking out this week?

Tactical games – they don't make them like Full Spectrum Warrior these days. But they certainly used to, and if you're in the mood for a bit of difficulty in a highly realistic military setting, you certainly shouldn't miss these. There's also Desperados – a top-down stealth-tactics game bringing Commandos-inspired gameplay to the wild west. The graphics, and the style, remain charming to this day – and the challenge may have even gotten sweeter.

Or aim for something a bit more modern (and a bit less punishing) with The Dwarves, The Book of Unwritten Tales, This is the Police, de Blob 1 & 2 and many many more – all in our <span class="bold">Weekly Sale Vol. 26</span>!

The weekly sale will last until August 14, 4PM UTC. War for the Overworld series is on sale until August 21, 5 PM UTC.
Just got my hands on War for the Overworld. Love the devs and love the game ^^
Did someone forget to discount War for the Overworld: Underlord Edition Upgrade?
ajkishel: Did someone forget to discount War for the Overworld: Underlord Edition Upgrade?
I know this is 18 hours later but I see it as 50%. 5 bucks instead of 10.

I came here asking about the 2 different Nations games that are available since I only have the cash to buy one of them but I think I'll go play something else today.
Post edited August 10, 2017 by drmike