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This week GOG.COM celebrates the imagination and resilience of game makers from France with a massive sale up to -90% on DRM-free games created and published by companies from the big Hexagon.

During The Baguette Days gamers can find crunchy deals for some of the best French titles ever made, classic and new, such as Dontnod’s bloody gem Vampyr (-60%), CCCP’s critically acclaimed Dead in Vinland (-50%), Ghost of a Tale (-33%) from DreamWorks veteran Lionel "Seith" Gallat or Quantic Dream’s visionary Omikron: The Nomad Soul (-75%) and Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy) (-75%).

No French event could happen without the outstanding Ubisoft games like Anno 1404: Gold Edition (-75%), Beyond Good & Evil (-66%), and Rayman 2: The Great Escape (-66%). There's also the entire Might & Magic series available with discounts for single titles (-66%) or with a special 85% off discount when you complete your collection!

GOG.COM's ultimate collection of all-time French classics also includes titles like the legendary Arx Fatalis (-67%) which put Arkane Studio on the map upon its release in 2002, the entire Syberia series (-80%), Little Big Adventure and Little Big Adventure 2 (-75%), the Atlantis series (up to -80%) made by Cryo Interactive, the Alone in the Dark trilogy (-75%), Éric Chahi’s Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition (-75%) and Paul Cuisset’s Flashback (-80%), 1999’s tech marvel Outcast re-released in its 1.1 version (-67%), and more!

This week is also a perfect opportunity to discover games you never knew were created by French indie studios like the complex Prodigy Tactics (-50%), isometric tactical Fear Effect: Sedna (-90%) or the intriguing puzzle-games Blocks That Matter (-50%), and Tetrobot & Co. (-50%).

Finally, our good friends from Motion Twin have been secretly working on a very special item for Dead Cells (-20%) - a GOG GALAXY character skin! Owners of the PC version of the game will receive this special in-game item for free this Friday, July 12th.

The Baguette Days sale ends on July 15th, 10 PM UTC.
GameRager: I give respect but I am also not above a good joke now and then(even at my own expense). I also think humor shouldn't be regulated and beaten until a dead medium by the PC crowd.

(Also the last one you quoted is a WW2 joke, not a dig at the french)
Zoidberg: No, it was a dig at the polish, pot calling kettle black because Poland RIGHT now is a mess, like a lot of countries in the world unfortunately.
I didn't know that, sadly(seriously)....otherwise I would've rethought making that one.

It's interesting(that I didn't know that) as I am of polish descent and I should probably be more into my heritage/keeping tabs on it more.
blotunga: Btw, i think Ubisoft should be the owner of the rights for the Warlords series. I wonder what's keeping the turn based games from coming here?
Yeah, I would love to get those here. I also want the original Settlers, no idea why they aren't selling that one, despite offering lots of the sequels.
Cheese-eating surrender monkeys!