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Journey towards a planet's core, unite a medieval kingdom or shape humanity's future.

How do you improve upon a <span class="bold">Weekly Sale</span> that excels in offering a variety of quality options? You just inject some more variety in there!

Though not as renowned as their Settlers cousins, Knights and Merchants offer an equally deep strategic experience when it comes to managing and expanding your medieval settlements. Will you become the ruler that the provinces need, in order to prosper once again?

If you needed proof that JRPGs and cyberpunk can play nicely together, the engrossing world of Septerra Core will do. Hard to go wrong when you've got solid turn-based combat mechanics atop an epic storyline featuring a planet run by a living computer.

That's not all, though, Enclave, Dream Pinball 3D, and Jagged Alliance 2 Wildfire have also been added to the mix. Better act fast - there are just a few days left to grab what you want from the entire selection!

Did you miss Monday's launch of our <span class="bold">Weekly Sale</span>? Check it out - <span class="bold">it has something for the curious gamer inside all of us</span>.

The Weekly Sale will last until May 29, 4:00 PM UTC.
No one is interested in Phase II?
TopWare games? Does that mean?
dangit, no Two Worlds 2 promo. Wanted really DRMfree adventure... Just in case the incoming remaster will be free (or at least - heavily discounted) for current owners...
Gorky 17 used to be one of my favourite games -- i can remember the awesome prerendered graphics leaving me speechless back then and the gameplay was good (the combat was a bit like chess as in, some weapons fire in a straight line, some others diagonally etc. and while it sounds a bit weird, i think it worked great). The only problem i see is that the camera is zoomed in too much and in bigger screens it ain't pretty. Windowed mode may be a must for some folks (check out
On the other news, BloodGDX is released (but still without cd-music or cutscenes), you still need Blood original files to run it, not shareware so this sale is good option to grab your copy for it. Although it's in java it mantains high fps a lot better than through DOSBOX emulation. ;p
Why is Polish version of Jack Orlando "Linux only"?
Anyone know if GORKY 17 will run on Windows 10? I have a Win7 rig as well (both are 64 bit OSes though). I've read that this game can be very picky about running on windows other than XP.
Post edited May 26, 2017 by GR00T