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As long as it's a great game, it belongs in here.

Are you into action? Platforming? Horror? Strategy? Everything that the cool kids are into? Then the <span class="bold">Weekly Sale Vol. 17</span> is for you! And you. And you. You there as well! Active Gaming Media are celebrating their anniversary but it's not a real party until you get others to join, right? Atari already answered the call and there's another mystery guest coming this Friday. Wonder who that is...

Consistently enchanting and occasionally intense, Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight is a beautiful metroidvania that tells the story of Kaho, a priestess who must traverse a cursed land for an audience with her Queen.

Supernatural chills, close-quarter thrills, and sinister forces waiting for you to be Alone in the Dark. The series that (re)defined the action/adventure genre with their cinematic presentation and compelling stories are still a must-play for any lover of survival horror.

As always, there's more – including D4 Dark Dreams Don't Die, KKND, Rollercoaster Tycoon Deluxe, Blood, and plenty of others!
Plus, stay tuned for new deals coming this Friday!

The <span class="bold">Weekly Sale Vol. 17</span> will last until May 29, 4:00 PM UTC.
avatar Everything that the cool kids are into?
=_= already losed interest...
Johnmourby: Ooooh Roller Coaster Tycoon? I've heard good thing about it. And I'd like to try getting into sims. Just one question. Is this a game where you have to be a prick to succeed or can you just have fan building stuff?
Splatsch: I don't know what you mean exactly when talking about being "a prick", but I'll try to help you, because I love this serie :)

Well, I personally really, really love RCT 1 (it's one of my all-time favorites that I've always great pleasure to play, since its first demo back in the days !!), and I like a lot RCT 3 :) (not as much, some particular flaws makes it definitely not as good as the first, but... it's really enjoyable too ! ). I like a bit less RCT 2 because of some very specific points and personal taste.

In short, it's a serie made for people who enjoys the atmosphere of parks and building roller coasters, but with some constraints that you have to take in account (space, money, mission objectives). The spirit is pretty "light hearted" and joy-oriented, even if you have to think about how to do well (optimize) things (money matters to build things & improve the park).
The difficulty is progressive in each game, but RCT 3 was the easiest for me and hasn't exactly the same spirit as the first (I must confess that I didn't played more than few levels of RCT 2 for now because I didn't like it as much as the first -and the 3-, and I'm playing the 1st again and again, and 3 pretty regularly). Of course, you often have to plan things in a "commercial" spirit, for example : rollercoasters brings a lot of money and attract people, so place entry and exit wisely. This kind of things ;)
There is always the balance of "how to make money in the purpose to build a better park to bring more people inside and make them happy in the purpose of make more money in the purpose to build a better park to..." in a virtuous circle. But no "vicious" strategy against guests, simply "logical". You must know that the main creator was a huge fan of amusement parks & roller coasters, and you can feel this when playing the game ;)
Oh, and RCT3 has a sandbox mode where you have unlimited money if you don't want to even care about this point :)
I hope this helps you, even if it's only a little :P

PS : even my syster loved RCT1 when it was out (she was young, and she still loves it today :)) and she doesn't like "managerial" games : it's the only one she ever did ! ;)
PPS : I strongly suggest to buy the first one of course :D And if you can all of them ;D
Wow. You've really sold me on this series. I'll go for RT 1 because it has the best chance of playing on my laptop.
Thanks for the awesome in-depth reply :) I you want to recommend me any more games I'd actually really like to hear from you.

Thanks :D
Johnmourby: Wow. You've really sold me on this series. I'll go for RT 1 because it has the best chance of playing on my laptop.
Thanks for the awesome in-depth reply :) I you want to recommend me any more games I'd actually really like to hear from you.

Thanks :D
Ahah, I hope that you'll like it :)
Seriously, I really hope XD Because I wouldn't like to make you buy a game you wouldn't enjoy :P Feel free to tell me what you thought about it when you will have payed it ;) That's really one of my personal all-time favorites, and of course I'm not objective at all with this game ^^"
Oh, by the way, take a look here for the method to do the marvelous widescreen hack ! :D
I'm glad you liked my reply, I felt a bit like an old man rambling with a huge wall of text XD
Some advices :
- Don't hesitate to rise a bit prices, preselected ones are a bit low when constructing a new attraction (if the entree of the park is free of course), and guests will simply tell you when it's too much for what they're ready to pay and won't go ride them/buy product.
- Researching new attractions can be very important (and so is research budget).
- Have good time while creating the park :) I personally love creating roller coasters interleaved with others & alleys.
- Guest's AI is pretty "simple". And remember too that you can take a look at what they think in the whole park.
- Manual can be interesting to read, it gives good hints and it was well written (at least in french, I haven't read the english version :P).
The game isn't perfect, but since you asked about a "precise" point, I didn't told the flaws. Yes, there are some (why can't we raise a contruction ?? Argh. [tip : simply raise a tile of land to build it into, and after that you lower the tile of land ;)] And readability can be sometimes a bit problematic when building a roller coaster.). BUT. It's still one of the greatest game ever made and one of my most favorites :D

Oh, that would be with pleasure, even if I won't certainly be as long as for RCT (this one really has a particular place in my heart, and I'm playing it so often). You would be interested in a particular genre ? Or anything I really like ?

You're very welcome :)
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