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Get over the moon with these visual novels, jRPGs and detective-mystery games up to -85%

Turn this week into the Moon Festival celebration with the selection of games that we’re fond of for their unique aesthetics and spirit of Japan.

No Japanese-themed sale would be complete without these great JRPGs, such as Tokyo Xanadu eX+ (-80%), The Caligula Effect: Overdose (-20%) and Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA (-35%). If you are in the mood for immersing yourself in emotional adventures, enjoy our visual novels picks from Sekai and Mangagamer: mysterious Umineko series (up to -50%), romantic The Expression Amrilato (-20%) or Serment - Contract with the Devil (-35%), a dungeon crawler hybrid where you play as a girl who was revived by a beautiful devil, and more.

Update: XSEED Games are joining Moon Festival Sale! Complete your collection with the amazing series of The Legend of Heroes (up to -50%), explore the fantasy world of Ys (up to -75%), uncover the mysteries of the past in London Detective Mysteria (-25%) and much more!

Check all games in our Moon Festival Sale, running until September 16th, 1PM UTC.
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A bit late...sorry...

Titles Discounted to a New All-Time GoG Low:
Caladrius Blaze (85% off vs. 85% off - $0.05 rounding)
Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.7 Minagoroshi (50% off vs. 10% off)
Little King's Story (70% off vs. 67% off)
London Detective Mysteria (25% off vs. 20% off)
London Detective Mysteria - Soundtrack [DLC] (25% off vs. 20% off)
Serment - Contract with a Devil (35% off vs. 25% off)
Tokyo Xanadu eX+ (80% off vs. 70% off)
Tokyo Xanadu eX+ Item Bundle [DLC] (80% off vs. 70% off)
Tokyo Xanadu eX+ Outfit & Accessory Bundle [DLC] (80% off vs. 70% off)
Tokyo Xanadu eX+ S-Pom Treat Bundle [DLC] (80% off vs. 70% off)
Xanadu Next (50% off vs. 47% off)
Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection (50% off vs. 40% off)

GoG Sales 2019 Google Doc:
bhrigu: Can anyone tell if the cheaper RPGs, i.e. the first Trails in the Sky or Ys games run well under Wine?
Don't care for real-time action, so I can't say anything about Ys, but Trails in the Sky works in recent wine (3.0+ for 1+2, maybe more recent for 3). I had to install d3dx9_43 to fix up screwed up graphics on 1 & 2 (haven't retested recently to see if still necessary) and quartz+amstream+LAVFilters to get movies working. There are dx9 and dx11 binaries, I think, and I never did get the dx11 versions working right (but again, I haven't retested recently).
I was sure the sale is completely out of my interest. Then, suddenly, I've found this: BlazBlue Calamity Trigger. So there is more than these jrpgs and visual novels here! :) Looks great, I will test under Wine as soon as I find a few minutes.
bhrigu: Can anyone tell if the cheaper RPGs, i.e. the first Trails in the Sky or Ys games run well under Wine?
first Trails in the Sky run well, but I've had regression with some newer versions of wine (gamepad didnt work). Probably fixed already.

All Ys games up to SEVEN should run without issues (dunno if ys 1 and 2 work with gamepad tho - only launched to test if they launch. Others should, since I've beaten The Oath in Felghana with wired xbox360 gamepad, and the rest (until seven, which is psv port), as far as I know, use the same engine and was ported from the same source).

The only xseed game, I'd advice against, is Xanadu Next - it doesnt even launch for me (some people has managed to execute it without segfault, but got rainbow textures all over the place. Iirc its got better in newer versions of wine, but again - I cant even launch game, to tell if its really fixed now).
goglin: For those interested in GOG art, here are some links. Have fun :)

promo banner:
1550 px

background wallpapers:
449 px
800 px
1275 px
ULTRA (2560 px)

text art/logo:
960 px
erbello: And GOG Chan Wallpaper (Source:
Thank you so much for the wallpaper and welcome back Chan!
Gekko_Dekko: I've had regression with some newer versions of wine (gamepad didnt work). Probably fixed already.
The SDL-based joystick driver is one of the first things I disable when I have joystick trouble. For much of the 3.0 series, it was completely unusably broken, and I've never found it to be a good substitute for the other drivers. It annoys me even more that the registry key to disable it is undocumented. It also annoys me that the dinput driver provides two devices by default, and requires manual disabling rather than a generic "use event device only" switch.

Edit: my memory was wrong: SDL-based joystick support was broken in 4.0.x, and fixed in 4.1.something. Prior to that, it issued a lot of excess events. Either way, I don't trust it.
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