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It almost feels like yesterday! 20 years ago, a fantasy turn-based strategy game series from Triumph Studios was born. After all this time, the original Age of Wonders still stands the test of time. It also spawned three sequels, the last of which, Age of Wonders: Planetfall, take us off the fantasy ground and leads into space and sci-fi genre.

To celebrate Age of Wonders’ 20th birthday we decided to give you a week of discounts. Games and DLCs from Age of Wonders series are now available on GOG.COM DRM-free with up to -80% off. The promo will last until 26th November 2019, 2 pm UTC.
Warlirr: There is only 3 AoW games: AoW1, AoW2 The Wizard Throne and AoW2.5 Shadow Magic.

The fact that some game series still lives doesn't mean automatically that this series still deserves to live (q.v. HoMM).
AOW3 is a fine addition to the series, even if I thought some of the campaign could have been a little better. My only real complaint is that I'd buy a revamp of it as it is, like the sorcerer class isn't as good, etc.
Planetfall should have been something else, I wasn't hoping for just an expanded wargame. I frankly can't get into a game, for instance whose tech system that seems to mostly be weapons, when I expect more from a scifi 4X.
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Such a fantastic game series. I played AoW 2 a lot and when AoW 3 came out, it took me a while to get to it.. have only properly started playing it in 2019 and must say that it's still just as enjoyable. Well done Triumph!
I wish it didn't crash every few minutes
Necro is a good faction!

"it" what? AoW3 is pretty stable. What's crashing for you?
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