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Take on the adrenaline-pumping challenge with some great titles present on our latest Weekend Sale.
Exemplary titles: Enter the Gungeon (-60%), Jet Lancer (-34%), Tower of Guns (-80%)
End date: 8th August 2022, 10 PM UTC
Dray2k: Jet Lancer is a phenomenal game, be sure to get this one!
It looks like a sequel to wings of fury on the Amiga.
BreOl72: Seriously, what does it matter?
Hi BreOI72. For me is not problem. They can put the start sales when they want. It was only a preference. I don't know how a sale is made but is not first time the link sale doesn't work when they released at 00.00 instead 15.00. And yes, it is a global market but gog is in Poland but i guess that there are a few number of persons working at night in the offices.

Sometimes i have read when people have a problem with tickets and is weekend that contact with support could be delays because of this.

Edit: my first game was Pong too that comes in a 386. :)