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Thanks for your update Robert. Hope that you also improve the site a bit and make it more functional (easier to scroll through the store pages) and also more colours please. Grey is depressing.

The data on game profile page is thrown all around the place and its hard to look through it needs to be condensed and the review posts made smaller. And what's up with the PEGI ratings - no one explained those yet.

Also picture scrolling needs to be improved on the game profile page so that when you press on the left side or right side of the picture it automatically scrolls to the next picture. And also zooming out pictures is needed since even zoomed out pictures now are tiny.

Also owned notification on the buying button should be coloured green since that light gray showing owned status is barely distinghishable from the grey background.

Links at the bottom of the page for movies and games still not fixed and not working properly. And also what other mentioned - the webpage still does not work correctly on smartphones + login is not possible at least in my case.
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Chamb: ...
Thank you for your extensive information. I only miss one thing, that is not critical to the site operation, but still is a heartfelt wish for me and others: you didn't say anything about the awful greyness of the new layout. When the critical problems are fixed, will you then fix the optical problems and re-introduce colour to GOG? As the site is now it is quite bland and depressing.
My three wishes concerning the layout would be:
1) Make the logo colourful again. As it is now, it can only stand for 'Grey on Grey'
2) Make the top bar slimmer. In takes up too much space IMO.
3) Make the site overall more colourful again. Colour suggests fun and games. Greyness suggests accounting and boredom... and that's not who you want to be, or is it?
It seems to me that the long list of problems that need to be fixed could have been avoided by just leaving the previously working website in place. I'm not a web guy, but it would seem easier to add in a few things here and there instead of just throwing up an entirely new site just for the sake of looking like everybody else.

And why is the Birthday Promo day 6 still showing up under the headlines?
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Thanks for listening and being transparent about issues and fixes! I like it when a real human talks about what's going on rather than just keeping everyone in the dark.

Btw, Is there any chance this sort of thing could be made more formal? E.g. you have an "website issues" page (in the support section, perhaps) that lists what's being worked on and what's being fixed, similar to the OP? Also if it mentioned game updates that would be a bonus.
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Thank you GOG, as always! :D

Some features that come to my mind right now:

general site layout:
- a bit more color please (it was grey enough before).
- add "Community" menu entries to easily reach Forums,Game Forums, Community Wishlists.
- what's that big empty space above the footer?

- advanced catalog search!
- file integrity check during downloads. This is a must.
- show original+Gog version numbers and emulator info on each game page.
- enable again the arrow keys scrolling for screenshots.
- please use 10 stars (+rating text help) instead of only 5 (you're already using halves, anyway).
- owners should still access pages of removed games.
- use single iso game files instead of those ugly pieces.

- advanced search! Please.
- advanced polls! These are fun & useful.
- subforums\category tags?
- fix the rep system (somehow).

- custom game categories (tags\folders).
- setting to turn on\off the default slow game count?
- show more game info (like personal game rating. Also, check Magog).

- friend list, contact filter.

search tags: phaolo1,phaoloreq,phaolofeedb
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Any chance to get some colors back to this grayveyard?
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Chamb: Hi all,

As you all know, our recent redesign of certain parts of the platform sparked very active discussions and resulted in tons of feedback from you. If I may, I would like to take some time to assure you all that we are reading each and every post that you have made and that we are carefully evaluating every piece of feedback sent our way.

Below you will find a simple list of progress made so far, in addition to our plans for the nearest future in terms of incorporating your feedback and further developing the new
There is one important feature missing from the list: Pray the gray away.
Careful, or they might give us an OMG!!! Ponies!!! theme.

It's good to see this thread. ^_^ I'd just like to add how nice it would be if, when I post this, I didn't end up staring at the page footer...
Chamb: *snip*
I think the site needs more colors, or if not more colors, then more shades. We need to be able to separate and distinguish. It's hard to do that with everything being grey.
Thanks for the improvements and actually listening to the customers! :)
Chamb: -- Marking titles as wishlisted. The lovely heart is back and it's more visible than it was before.
mrkgnao: Thank you for the detailed update. Keep 'em coming.

One omission that I've immediately noticed in your summary: You still can't wishlist on/off by clicking on the heart in the catalogue or in a list, as you could before.
Yep, I was going to add this as well. Games can't be wishlisted for example when viewing the list after clicking "GAMES" at the top.
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Lifthrasil: 1) Make the logo colourful again. As it is now, it can only stand for 'Grey on Grey'
Ha! Good one!
Good to hear that you are listening.
Many thanks for the update! I will always appreciate CD Projekt's work site if they can give us a timely heads-up.

Chamb, I have a wacky idea for manual game sorting: when in said mode, the user account bookcase could expand to maximum shelf capacity, showing how many games on GOG one can buy and store at the moment. By allowing users to categorize games by placing them in different parts of the shelf, they could then personalize their account, maybe separate the backlog from the chaff. It would also make sorting easier than is the case currently (instead of switching game boxes between positions, I could insert boxes into cells on each shelf of the bookcase).
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Chamb: snip
Just wanted to thank you very much for all this information. GOG needs some more transparency when it comes to these kinds of things (the reactions in this thread clearly give you a taste of how much the community appreciates it). More of the community's anger seems to come from nasty surprises and being kept in the dark rather than the stuff you guys actually do. And simply (unnecessary) unpopular decisions might also be avoided if you did surveys or at least sensibly explained your decisions beforehand and observed the reactions before actually executing your plans.
Chamb: Issues solved:
-- Marking titles as owned. We launched with an imperfect solution for this and we knew that it needed improvements, but we wanted to hear your opinion. You spoke up, and since the launch, we already made 2 or 3 versions of it. Right now, in our opinion, we have what is the best possible solution, as by greying out products that you own we're taking them out of the spotlight rather than making them more prominent.
Is this really working for everyone else? Since the site update none of those versions worked for me, and has been almost a week since i got a reply regarding ticket OOUAUHJ7.