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amrit9037: ONLY?
You really hurt my feelings.
wolfsrain: Yeah. For 10 euro i could go for 1000Mbps;)

P.S.: of course, no capped traffic.
Is it cheap to live where you are? How much is rent for one bedroom apartment? How much for food monthly? How much for new cheap car?
Well, Bernie nailed it. We have one of the cheapest internet in the world. The problems come with the salaries. Minimum is around 200 euro, with medium being around 400 euro. Rent in this case is by no way cheap (most of the time surpassing the minimum salary and even the medium one). Food and so on, you could manage with about 150 euro, if you eat once/day or if you know how to cook. But hey...we have cheap interwebz;)
See attachment for my speed test.
image.jpg (151 Kb)
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