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Good news! As of this day two classic games made by Mike Singleton - The Lords of Midnight and Doomdark’s Revenge - are available on GOG.COM completely free.

Enjoy those breakthrough titles that paved the road for fantasy series like King’s Bounty or Heroes of Might and Magic.

i will pick up lords of midnight and I will pick up Doomdark if I like Lords
You guys are amazing. I also already own. But this adds to my gog kudos meter which means I'll have to buy something else as thanks for you lot being so generous!
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Thank you GOG!
Much appreciated! Thank you.
Thank you!
Doc0075: Mike Singleton was a legendary programmer and by all accounts one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet.
Would love to see more of his games released here such as War In Middle Earth, Midwinter (and its sequel) and Starlord.
Thanks for the information. I only played War in Middle Earth decades ago. A friend gave it gamebox and all. Even had a map and manual, glossary. It was quite intellectually stimulating for a 8-9 years old.

And Thanks to gog and publisher too for the freebies.
Good thing I managed to buy both and put them in my backlog before they became free ;) Seriously though those of you that are lucky enough to get these gems free should be gratefull and GOG please get going on a XP emulatot like the DOSBox but for later window games that wont work now on win 10
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argamasa: I didn´t know about these games but i ´ve played King´s Bountty and HoMM so thank you for the freebies.
Same here. Thanks for the freebies, GOG!!
Played a lot of Lords of Midnight on ZX Spectrum back in the day and looking forward to try it again on SpecNext once it delivers (hopefully) this month. My thanks to the parties involved for these freebies!
great :D free stuff
Brilliant! Thanks for these games, I love them since played ZX Spectrum versions!
Thank you :)
Many thanks! ^^