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Fever_Discordia: and maybe its Maniac Mansion too, for reasons
Find the gas for the chainsaw you must, young padawan. May the two-headed squirrel with you...
No hint?
Silverhawk170485: No hint?
calm down, no hint means LucasArts game :P
Silverhawk170485: No hint?
cyboff: calm down, no hint means LucasArts game :P
That's what I was thinking too :)

Frankly anything Lucasarts is ok with me, but of the ones I got to play:

Shadows of the Empire (previously only played to death the N64 version)
Dark Alliance/Dark Alliance 2 (only played the second one when it was brand new, and my IBM Aptiva could hardly run it)
Star Wars Episode 1: Racer , which I had some fond memories of playing and it was pretty fun
Knights of the Old Republic 2

Virtually anything else Star Wars, Monkey Island, or Indiana Jones. But I know there are other Lucasarts titles to come as well. I'm just not personally familiar with them.
If it is an LA game, I'm hoping it's either Outlaws or Dark Forces!
I've always wanted to try Zack McKraken myself, right from reading the review in Zzap 64! but not (at teh time) have a disk drive to play it on!
Even if it DOES pre-date the 'no player death / no unwinnable situation' rule at LucasArts!
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You'll never guess this one :P
Mount and Blade?
I know it's trolling, but why not: The Elders Scroll Oblivion ;-)
Mount and Blade is a good guess. That's all I can figure out. I'll say Mount and Blade: Warband! Along with Galaxy coming out!
Is the mis-spelling and lack of punctuation/spacing part of the hint? ;)
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Lords of Xulima ;)
donsanderson: Is the mis-spelling and lack of punctuation part of the hint? ;)
Maybe, who knows? Could just be me being a bit cheeky :P
Yerg, gottar be Mount and Blade.