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JudasIscariot: I recommend sending them the affected file so they can look at it and put it in their database in order to avoid false positives.
KapetanCvarak94: But what do I do about not being able to install GOG.

I turned off the antivirus and I still get that problem.
Uninstall Galaxy completely and reinstall it and update it, if required, with AVG off for the time being or did you already try uninstalliing, reinstalling, and updating Galay with AVG off for the entire time?
JudasIscariot: Uninstall Galaxy completely and reinstall it and update it, if required, with AVG off for the time being or did you already try uninstalliing, reinstalling, and updating Galay with AVG off for the entire time?
KapetanCvarak94: I uninstalled it and now I cannot install it because I am getting the following error:

'' C:\ProgramData\\Galaxy\redists\expat.dll

An error occurred while trying to rename a file in the destination directory:
MoveFile failed; code 5.
Access is denied.''

I turned off antivirus and run the installer as admin but nothing.
Where are you installing Galaxy, by the way?
Edward_Carnby: X Rebirth

Updated to 4.30.

No changelog.
Fixed :P
JudasIscariot: Fixed :P
MarkoH01: Could you please continue to do so with all missing changelogs? ;)
Only if we actually have a changelog :)
JudasIscariot: Fixed :P
Edward_Carnby: Thanks !

BTW, Judas, do something with spellforce 3 patches.
Re-download installer everyday to keep game up-to-date is totally baaaad...
We need patches !
Over the weekend we had I would say about 6 or 7 updates to the game in rapid succession. And we just got 2 more updates, one yesterday and another one today.

We would like to publish patches but, as of right now, the game is getting updated faster than we can publish offline patches for it.
JudasIscariot: Only if we actually have a changelog :)
WinterSnowfall: Ehm... why aren't there any Mac & Linux updates for X3: Terran War Pack? Is it because non-Windows OSes are so much faster and don't need the "Improved performance in busy sectors"? :P
One of the versions is broken and the other is in progress hence the reason :)
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WinterSnowfall: Battle Brothers -> no offline installers yet

#### Patch (12 December 2017)

* Changed name of Fallen Hero without head to 'Headless Fallen Hero' to make it more clear that this is intended behavior.
* Fixed rare issue with fresh undead becoming untargetable during the Undead Scourge endgame crisis.
* Fixed initiative penalty due to waiting not being applied correctly.
* Fixed Necrosavants not dropping Shimmering Ashes.
* Fixed 'Horrific Scream' of Geists being subject to height level restrictions.
* Fixed potentially wrong reward amount mentioned in one of the 'Drive Away Bandits' texts.
* Fixed Black Monolith being selected in one of the 'Find Artifact' twists as the new target.
* Fixed AI sometimes being confused on swamp terrain.
* Fixed incorrect tooltip hint for muddy ground and plashy grass on swamp terrain.
* Fixed 'Split Hand' injury not being affected by 'Hold Out' perk.
* Fixed news about conquered settlements in the noble war crisis sometimes arriving too late and preventing other events from firing.
* Fixed various minor issues.
WinterSnowfall: Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy

#### Patch 2017-12-10 (12 December 2017)

* Switch to a Clang/C2-based compiler on Windows instead of MSVC, this fixes the Abydos monkey-bars regression on Windows and probably several other subtle things.
* Enlarge the internal memory pools to avoid crashing in Luxor after talking to Nefertiti and advancing to the banquet hall due to a memory compaction trigger caused by the bigger size of the new fonts.
* Fix a few mistakes in the Spanish translation, mainly covering Horus lines in the Uruk intro.
WinterSnowfall: The offline installers for Hand of Fate 2 have been updated to version 1.0.16 - no changelog yet.
Refresh your account as there is a changelog for version 1.0.16 :)
JudasIscariot: [...]
Geralt_of_Rivia: Unrelated question: What does 'Last Chance' on Ufo Aftermath mean (see screenshot)? Is the game leaving GOG?

Or is that just an error and it should read 'New on Sale'?

One more thing: Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms only has the soundtrack on sale but not the game???
That should be fixed in a few minutes, it was just a bug on our end :) I am referring to the UFO Aftermath screenshot.

Not sure about the soundtrack for Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms myself, sorry :/
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