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Edward_Carnby: There is no offline installers (Win & Linux) for version of Atom.
@Judas, any news ?
They've been published already :P
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EugVVl: Works fine for me. The version in menu is 1.3.7011.41203, the same as on download page.
Ganni1987: Found a solution.

So basically the game gave me an error saying it failed to find "/home/my_user/.config/Owlboy/config.cfg"

I proceeded to create a blank file manually in the specified location, lo and behold the game runs. Can confirm it does say 1.3.7 in the main menu :)
That's fixed now. Please download the new version:

That fixes the missing config.cfg file issue.
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We are sorry that the update flags / blue dots have been gone for that long. However we have fixed the issue and you will now reveive the update notification again. =)

Please be aware that some of them might take some time, since there have been a lot of updates in the meantime.
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Pinned the new thread!
Clownski_: Pinned the new thread!
Hustlefan: Thank you very much.
Now I'll stop posting updates here and completely move to the new thread!

Btw. Could you please fix this issue:
I doubt I can, but don't worry, the team is already aware of the issue. ;)