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muntdefems: Many GOGmixes are 404-ing right now:
Please try the affected GOG Mixes now, they should no longer lead to a 404.
muntdefems: Since yesterday, the API URL for the Dark Forces 2 sub-game of STAR WARS Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II results in a 404. As a consequence, MaGog is no longer tracking changes to this game. Can some blue take a look at this, please?
Please send us a Support ticket about this issue as the game is live on the site.
DampSquib: Wanted to check the rules for how in-dev works clicked the Learn more about games in development link.
Got the message "oops You're not authorized to access this page", could just be at my end, not sure.
Thanks for the heads up. That was actually on our end but it should be fixed now :)
timmy010: looks like keyboard shortcuts for images on the game pages is broken...
Should be fixed now :)
seppelfred: A game has disappeared from my library. I've had 385 games a couple of hours ago, and now it's only 384. I haven't figured out yet which one is missing, but this time it's not "Softporn Adventure".

Do you have any Penumbra games in your library by any chance?
JudasIscariot: Hi,

Do you have any Penumbra games in your library by any chance?
seppelfred: Yes, all of them.
Yes, one of the games was moved into its proper place as a DLC so check your library and the "missing" game will appear as a DLC in one of the standalone Penumbra games in your library :)
skeletonbow: Galaxy was previously up to date yesterday and working. Upon starting it a few minutes ago it updated itself and promptly crashes with "Fatal Error" "Failed to load game database". The UI wont even start up at all now.
Have you got all of the latest updates for Windows 10? Have you also restarted your PC and tried running Galaxy again?
JudasIscariot: Have you got all of the latest updates for Windows 10? Have you also restarted your PC and tried running Galaxy again?
skeletonbow: No, Windows 10 updates don't install on Windows 7. :) But yes, I have Windows 7/x64 fully updated prior to the Galaxy update. Galaxy would not start up at all, including after a reboot though. I had to uninstall it, download the installer and reinstall it, then re-import my installed games and it worked properly. It updated itself again and seems to work still.
Ah right, I forgot you had Windows 7, my bad :) So everything is working for the time being, right? :)

029b - [Nov. 2017] - Newly created threads sometimes show - Nov. 30, -0001 as date. Details - [Ticket: ?]
-> Issue is getting some attention but no timeframe for a fix.

Should be fixed by now.
kbnrylaec: In the homepage, it showed:

Weekend Sale: Daedalic games up to 90% off
25 minutes ago - 1 comment|comments
kbnrylaec: The "comment|comments" is obviously a bug.
We're working on that, no ETA on a fix though.
Johny.: snip
BKGaming: Just want to report some bugs/issues I noticed when using Google Chrome on the wishlist... when you hover with the mouse over the top part of the overview tab it messes up, see pic number 1. Also the options drop down menu in a wish overlaps some with the social links and text, see pic number 2.
Bug 2 has been fixed and I believe your bug 1 has also been fixed but I can't get a screenshot and hover on the Overview tab as well so please check if this is still an issue.
moonshineshadow: snip
This issue seems to be fixed for me using the latest version of Chrome 64-bit:

010 - [August 2016] - Jumping footer when using Chrome. Details - [Ticket: ?]
I am not sure but I think this issue is also fixed:

022 - [February 2017] - Currently updated Gogmixes don't show on the related gamepage. Details - [Ticket: ?]

I can't readily reproduce it but I know that if a GOGMix has an item removed then it disappears from the game page of the removed item.
kbnrylaec: Launch discount of Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption stopped 3 days earlier.
kbnrylaec: Countdown clock of Hidden Object Games promo is 24 hours shorter, and it will run out within 2 hours from now.
Already fixed :)