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zeffyr: New games (not mentioned in this post):
Thank you, I had missed those except The Hong Kong Massacre.
New edition:

Dog Plays in Space Bundle
"Lollypop" from Rainbow Arts. See Logo on the frontpage. "Turrican 2" PC port when???

EDIT: now it is. :)
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Anime-BlackWolf: "Lollypop" from Rainbow Arts. See Logo on the frontpage. "Turrican 2" PC port when???
The post is up.
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Anime-BlackWolf: "Lollypop" from Rainbow Arts. See Logo on the frontpage. "Turrican 2" PC port when???
Running Turrican 2 can be a bit tricky.
The configuration file must not contain any video card information (refresh rate must be set to 0). But the same file also stores informations about the game controller (Min/Max values, center).
So what I did to get my copy to run properly was to configure my Joystick (T2 has to be played with a good old digital joystick, a Speedlink Competition Pro would be the best choice on USB-PC), then edit the config file to remove the video information, made a copy of it.
Since the game modifies the file on each run inserting the video rate, I run a batch file which replaces the current file with my backup before starting the game.

However, as far as I know all the rights lie now at Factor 5. There was a long legal dispute between them and Rainbow Arts. After Rainbow Arts went out of business, Factor 5 regained full control over the franchise.

However, the excellent PC port of Turrican 2 was done by an external company (Sunflowers). It was not included in the Turrican Anthology which can be bought for PS4.

ps: Someone did a PC port of the PC version to Amiga AGA recently, that's worth checking out as well.
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New edition (not mentioned in this post):

Old World: Complete
high rated
New DLC:

Way of the Hunter - Free UTV DLC
high rated
New bundle (not mentioned in this post):

The House of Da Vinci Complete Bundle
high rated
New edition:

Iron Danger Supporter Bundle

New bundle:

Deponia Full Scrap Collection
New DLC:

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - Season Pass 2
That was announced a while back:
Fair point, yet my reasoning is that it was released without any info for now.
New game (the news post is probably coming soon):

The Trasamire Campaigns

EDIT: The news post showed up a while later.
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New DLC (not mentioned in this post):

Chicken Assassin: Reloaded - Soundtrack
high rated
New game:

Pixel Town: Akanemachi Mystery
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