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high rated
mrbax: If anyone wants to get Duke Nukem I and II off their hands, I would receive them with thanks and appreciation!
check your pm
/e: Nevermind :)
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Smogg: check your pm
Thank you very much! :-) :-) :-)
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The Bards Tale

P.S I'll gift u a steam version of kotor 2 :D
GOG Wishlist:

Planescape: Torment...

Nothing else... The only other things I will get are:

Commandos series on GOG or STEAM :)

But mostly, I just want Planescape: Torment...

Thank you!!!!! :D

NOTE: Will trade Steam codes of Broken Sword 1 Directors Cut Complete, and Broken Sword 2 as well :)... PM me
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My eyes saw sth that I really want: Settlers 3! :)
System Shock 2

Thanks in advance!
Being a fan of strategy games, my wishlist is only about : Pharaoh + Cleopatra game, if anybody has a spare copy to giveaway, I'll be very grateful.

Thank you in advance :)
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Seeing how all my friends have pledged for it. If anyone has a spare; PLANESCAPE: TORMENT that would be awesome.

I do have a copy of The Ship 2 on Steam that I can gift. It's actually pretty cool!
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Blade Of Darkness if someone is feeling generous. I would buy it myself but no money for games. :(
If anybody is feeling especially awesome, I'm in a espionage mood, so I'd really appreciate Spycraft. Also, Blade of Darkness looks very interesting, seeing as I'm a fan of gory games. Thanks in advance if you're feeling awesome :3
I've just seen the weekend promo.
And damn it's a weekend I can't buy anything!

I would be eternally grateful if some generous soul would think about:

Age of Wonders
HoMM 3
Eador: Genesis

Thank you for reading....
Eador: Genesis would be cool, cold as ice even
Thank Smogg for a copy Eador: Genesis! You have been very generous, and I thank you for the game and your contribution to the community
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