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If anyone feels generous:

Fallout 2
low rated
Dear Santa and helpers:

Here's my list for this Christmas..
- SimCity 2000 Special Edition
- Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
- Master of Orion 1+2
- Master of Magic

Thank you for considering my request.
Aniki: Dear Santa and helpers:

Here's my list for this Christmas..
- Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
Thank you for considering my request.
Somebody help this guy out.
I would, but 10 of these has bust my budget....
Primordia would be awesome... I know it's not on sale, though, so maybe Resonance?

Happy Holidays...

I know it's odd me asking for games considering I just did a giveaway, however, I feel I have to with the amazing promo that's on now. I've wanted these two games for ages and with the promo, now is the best time to ask for them. I really would buy them myself if I could but alas can't with christmas just around the corner, I can't.

I would really like:

King of Dragon Pass

If anyone could gift me this, I would be extremely grateful and I always pay any gifts forward as soon as I'm able. :)
I'd really appreciate Retro City Rampage! :3 Happy Holidays to all! :)
Once again, if anyone could gift me Age of Wonders, I would be infinitely grateful.
I also would like Divine Divinity if possible.
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My bank doesn't seem to like anymore for some reason. I am finding a way to get around that so I can get wonderful games here, but... if santa were to give me Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri and/or Syndicate, I would be most grateful. :3
I'd like to know what all the hooplah is over the 1st two Fallout games before the world ends on December 21st. Consider it the wish of a dying man. Let me have this one thing before the apocalypse! Please!

HUH? What do you mean I'm too late?

GODDA&% Mayans!! Nobody keeps their word anymore!!!
So here's the place to post our wishlist? Well then if Santa can see it I would be really pleased:

- Arcanum
- Planescape Torment
- Baldur's Gate 1, 2
- Icewind Dale 1, 2
- The Witcher 1, 2
- Gothic 1, 2, 3
- Temple of Elemental Evil

Merry Xmas to you all!
Since its only 2 days till Christmas here's my wishlist.

- The Witcher
- Arx Fatalis
- Divine Divinity

I really... like RPGs :)

And please have a nice Christmas day.
My wishlist:
Arcanum: Of Steamworks and magick Obscura
Baldur's Gate: The Original Saga
Neverwinter NIghts: Diamond Edition

Happy hollydays to all! :)
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Would Love any of these games:

It's 99 cents on steam :O -
La Mulana (GOG)
Alpha Centauri
Dungeon Keeper 2 (GOG)
Planescape - Torment (GOG)
Blood - One Whole Unit Blood (GOG)
Alan Wake (GOG)
Alan Wake - American Nightmare (GOG)
Hotline Miami (GOG)
Legend of Grimrock (GOG)
Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition (steam)
Super Meatboy (Steam)
World of Goo (Steam)
Audiosurf (Steam)
Cave Story + (Steam)
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The whole Ultima series from the current promo *.*

Please and thanks! :D