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Looking for a kind soul that maby could gift me Sacred Gold i would really be grateful.
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as promised, I was silent fur a while extensively playing my games (many thanks to the generous goglodytes, once again!), but this sale...
I'd be happy to receive AKIBA'STRIP: Undead & Undressed and its Kati's Route + Complete Outfit Set DLC.
OR, Da Capo 3 R.
...and then go back into shadows.
Knights and merchants are on sale for 2.89 eu by topware interactive. Want to try the KaM remake with it. If no one can buy it sooner and hope it doesn't get removed the discount next month since that is when i will buy it myself.
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May I request Still Life please? Currently very cheap in the Summer Sale. Thanks!
I've planned not to show my face here for a long long time but GOG is tempting me....

Jagged Alliance 3 have a good discount right now.
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Hi to everyone! I hope you all have a great summer.

If someone feels really generous to allow me experience the game Dragon Age:Origins ultimate edition, it would be just fantastic and very much appreciated.

Peace and love !
Hi, I am asking for games for me and my teammates.
Games that I hope you may donate, pretty please:

* Prince of Qin
* Warrior Kings
* Death Road to Canada
* Patrician 3
* Moon Hunters
* Milanoir
* Capsized
* Anno 1404: Gold
All the games are ideal because they do not need a powerful PC or Laptop.