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If a good sould drops me one of this
The Black Mirror
Black Mirror 2

I will be extremely happy
I currently have negative 12 euro in my account, so I can't purchase anything :\

So I'll leave here the games I'd like to have from the last chance list:

Guild 2, The
Guild 2: Pirates of the European Seas
Guild 2 Renaissance
Red Faction
Red Faction 2
Wish fulfilled by woosk and an anonymous user!
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Considering the removing of some good games of the GOG's catalog, I would like to add two of them to my library before the end :

- The Guild Gold Edition
- Full Spectrum Warriors : Ten Hammers

Feel free to consider other requests before mine. Thanks !

Edit : Nevermind, thanks to woosk for an impressive gift !
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If someone would be so kind to gift me amnesia the dark descent before it leaves I would be so happy
Hello, first I would like to say that you should consider other people's posts before this, because this game is not must have for me. But I would like to try it.


If you do consider my post, than I am very thankful. Many thanks to all gifters here :)
If anyone is feeling generous would like to have spellforce 2 demons of the past from the current promo before it is removed.
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(in utero)

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mrmarioanonym: just gonna put this here

gothic 2 gold edition

if i seem like a leecher i can contribute a game on the 1st of September
Can I have it?

Edit: nvm I misunderstood
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NWN. I'll be willing to give a steam game for it.
would really appreciate Gothic 2 while its on sale. many thanks :)
If anyone feels extremely generous, i'd like The Nations Gold and Alien Nations. Those two, i never had a chance to play them and they seem to be quite in the Settlers style. Thanks to all the generous people here.
high rated
koli300: If Gothic series are out from gog then it's my last chance to ask for Gothic 3 and Forsaken Gods ;/
Check PM.
If anyone's feeling in a generous mood, I'd really appreciated Gabriel Knight 2 that's on sale right now for 2 bucks

as always, I guarantee that the game will be played and will not gather virtual dust on my virtual shelf

Quest for Glory is on sale.

Please I would like to have it if anyone is generous. I really want to play that game.