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[Edited to now be a Master Thread for all Expiring Gog Keys]

Gift codes that Gog gives away for free now come with expiration dates. So now it is up to us find people for these codes before they expire.

Rules for this thread are the same from my last Clearinghouse thread.

1) If you want to give a game, post the game with [HAVE]

2) If you want to receive a game, post the game with [WANT]

3) Once the game has been given and received, change [HAVE] to [GIVEN] and [WANT] to [GOT]

4) Different codes have different expiration dates. Please check your code's expiration date by going here and entering the code into the gift redeem box to find out.

5) This is NOT a trading thread. Go here for that.

6) Please, do not drop codes in this thread. All that does is attract scammers and bots to the forum.

7) Everyone giving codes should do their do-diligence and check on whoever requests one of your codes. Check the user registered date to see if they just made the account recently, search their "username" in Google and Gog search engines for post history (not always accurate but better than nothing), and check the known scammer list to see if they've done bad stuff in the past. With that said, it's your code and you may give the code to whoever you wish at your discretion.

7a) Type this into the Google search field to do a site based only search. Replace USERNAME with the name of the gog user you want to search for: USERNAME

8) You can giveaway Newsletter discount codes in this thread if you like but please don't code drop them. Follow rules 1 through 3 for giving these away. Or you can take the discount codes to the Newsletter Discount thread.

Check back often to see what games are being given away from me and other Goglodytes. :D

I'm currently giving away:

nothing at the moment
Post edited May 19, 2022 by sysia_GOG
argamasa: So the code winner is gogamess, that was funny;-)

Well, I will nominate you in the giveaway but i see you are in cooldown, nevertheless, having in mind the source of the codes and the amount of them, most probably BenKii will change the codes for the non-daggered site to freebies section. Good luck and if i see this happen i will nominate you Hurricane0440 if i remember. Regards!
Ah! Oh well, thanks anyway for the opportunity. I would appreciate the nomination too if the any of the Fallout 3 keys get moved to the daggered section. Have a great day! :-)
Thanks a lot to argamasa for the Fallout 3, and sorry for Hurricane0440, I hope you can get the next one, maybe with the possibility that becomes Daggered (†)! ^_^