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Persival2207: Then I would like to request Men of war, if possible
finkleroy: Granted.
Huge thanks to Cymepa and Finkleroy
Thanks to Crisco1492 for The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Videogame and to PMPMGamer for M.U.D. T.V.!!
Thanks to our show-runner fink as well!!
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Thanks slurredprey for Runaway A Road Adventure and JacZarate for Party Parkade
as a Homestuck lover I'd like to ask for Pesterquest if I'm allowed to.
LynXsh: as a Homestuck lover I'd like to ask for Pesterquest if I'm allowed to.
Many thanks to PMPMGamer and finkleroy for FlatOut!
Thank you so much PMPMGamer and finkleroy for the Betrayer :)
Thank you Cymepa and finkleroy for DiRT4!
Double thanks to finkleroy for donating Fury Unleashed and maintaining the community giveaway!
PixelBoy: Thank you finkleroy, Catac1ysm, and JacZarate.
Many thanks to AWG43 and finkleroy for The Crown of Leaves !
I thank Finkleroy very much for handling all those gift keys where I contributed like another dozen now.
thanks, finkleroy and the anonymous donor!
zlaywal: Thank you finkleroy and J for Moving Out.
You are very welcome. Hope you enjoy the game, much more fun than moving it all in RL! :)

drxenija: Thanks Bjgamer, JacZarate and finkleroy!
You are very welcome. Enjoy tanking it out! :)
would like to request Dino D-Day