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We're live again, folks! A time-honored GOG tradition, the Community Giveaway, lives on in a new incarnation.

zeogold no longer has enough free time to administer the giveaway, so he's passed the torch to me. The previous thread can be found here. I'm open to suggestions about how to improve the giveaway. Please either set your chat settings so that you can chat with everyone or add me as a friend. zeogold has also transferred The Community Giveaway - GOG Edition to me. Many thanks to zeogold for keeping both giveaways alive and well over the years.

Please send all donations for both giveaways directly to me and let me know what platform the keys are for. The GOG edition of the giveaway can be found here.

I've decided not to say "you're welcome" every time someone thanks me. Instead I'll say it right here and now. To everyone who has thanked me in the past and to everyone who will thank me in the future, you're welcome!

Now for the real important bit, the rules. I know the wording and all seems complex and is gonna make me sound scary, but trust me, the reality is nowhere near as bad as it seems.


1. Keys are given AT MY DISCRETION. If you want to be the judge on where your keys go, either open up your own giveaway or go to the Non-GOG Gifting Thread, located here.

2. Only members who have actively participated in the community will receive a game. This is essentially a method to weed out scammers/leeches/ne'er-do-wells, etc. Who I deem as having active participation is entirely AT MY DISCRETION. As a general guideline, you must have a non-recent registration and have been actively participating in the community for at least a month or so (although this isn't a set standard).

3. You will be banned from this giveaway if:
- you are rude
- you are on the Known Scammers list or have otherwise been shown to be an alt account/impersonator/troll
- your request is denied and you keep repeatedly pushing the envelope in a rude and/or annoying way
- you knowingly give empty/false/unusable codes
This is, again, AT MY DISCRETION. If you're going to complain about an operation handing out free games, I don't know what to tell you.

4. No code-dropping of any sort. Please. I know you mean well, but I'd rather you donate to this giveaway.

5. If you wish to make a donation, please send me a chat message containing the keys and let me know what platform the keys are for. You will receive full credit for your donation and your name will be added to the list of donors. You may, however, request to be anonymous, and I will honor this request.

6. Nominating other members is allowed, and encouraged. The nomination will only be accepted if the nominee falls within the terms of this giveaway, however.

7. You are allowed 3 non-daggered keys and 5 daggered (†) keys per month. From each update round, you are allowed 1 non-daggered key and 1 daggered (†) key. Multiple DLC for the same game count as one daggered key. When an update is released, it will trigger the first round. If there are many popular games left on the update list before I transfer them to the main list, another round will be triggered. The purpose of rounds is to spread popular keys around to as many users as possible before they're added to the main list. Updates will be released on random dates at random times, and the number of updates per month and the number of keys per update will depend on the volume of keys that have been donated. I will keep an eye on how things are going regarding the limits, and I will make adjustments to this rule if and when I deem it necessary.

The keys you are granted during update rounds count toward the overall monthly limit of keys you are allowed.

If the number of keys contained in your request would exceed the limit of keys you are allowed for the round and/or month, your request will be denied and you will need make a new request that contains a number of keys that would not exceed the limit for the round and/or month. If someone else requests the game you want between when your request is denied and when you make the new request, they will be granted the game because their valid request was made before your valid request was made.

The giveaway goes by calendar month. The beginning of each month is at midnight on the first of the month in the Pacific time zone. When daylight saving time is inactive, this time zone is called Pacific Standard Time (PST). When daylight saving time is active, this time zone is called Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). Please note that daylight saving time begins and ends at different times in the United States than it does in Europe. A good website that explains time zones is

8. Keys are first-come, first-served.

9. NO FEEDING THE TROLLS! In the event that a scammer or troll DOES arrive (and I have no doubt that they will upon seeing the very title of this thing), DO NOT PROVOKE THEM! I know who they are. You know who they are. Leave them be. I will NOT allow this thread to be derailed into a discussion about scammers. If you want to help, flag their comment as spam and keep on moving. If you're concerned that they're a scammer and I'm not noticing it, notify me via PM rather than clogging up this thread, please.

10. Ask in the thread. No requesting via PM. If I somehow miss your request, however, feel free to call my attention to it.

11. All keys for all platforms are accepted. If you wish to donate any key, please PM it to me and let me know what platform the key is for. I now run both the Non-GOG edition and the GOG edition of the community giveaway. The GOG edition of the giveaway can be found here.

12. Sometimes, you'll see a singular listing for multiple items. This means that the key will contain multiple games which cannot be separated, so if you ask for it, know that you're getting everything on it. I will count these packs as one game in terms of the monthly limit.

13. Things that will cause me to dagger keys are:
- If the key is for DLC
- If the game received lots of negative reviews
- If the game was recently given away for free
- If the game is an game
- If the game has stayed non-daggered for a long time or is extremely likely to stay on the main list for a long time

14. Damon18 is nice enough to keep a list of how many keys everyone has been granted each month. You can see how close you are to reaching your limit of games by clicking here.

15. Please refrain from editing a post that includes a request. Please carefully consider what you want to request before you request it. If you need to change your request, please wait until at least 10 minutes after you made your original request and post a new message. If you post before 10 minutes have passed, the forum will automatically merge the two posts, which will result in an edited post.

16. I've decided not to take pre-requests for nominated games because people will see it's been nominated, know that their request will be denied and not bother requesting it. Then someone else will come along and pre-request it, and I don't think that's exactly fair. I know zeogold took pre-requests for nominated games, so I've decided to make this an official rule. If the nomination isn't accepted within a week, it will be first come first serve from that point.

17. If you are granted a game, it is customary to thank the donor either in public, in private, or both. If you see that someone has not thanked the donor in public, please don't assume they didn't thank them in private. This is more of a general guideline regarding etiquette than an official rule that is set in stone. I want to make sure our donors know that they're appreciated, but I don't want to force anyone into thanking the donor in public, and I want to try to avoid any possible tension that may arise from someone assuming that someone else is being ungrateful.


I will NEVER ask for keys to be re-sent. If you get a message asking for such, ignore it, as you're likely getting scammed.

GOG has changed the chat privacy settings to default to "friends only". If you wish to give or receive keys in this giveaway, please remember to change your privacy settings accordingly or add me to your GOG friends list. If you want to change your privacy settings, go to "orders & settings" and then "privacy" to accomplish this.
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And now, for the other really important bit:

May 15 Update
All Update Rounds Are Now Over And The Update Has Been Merged With The Main List.

List of this month's giftees
Taken keys
SteamGifts RaChart, courtesy of mchack
(He hasn't updated it in a long while, but it's there.)
List of donors
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I copied all the games from the update spreadsheet to the main spreadsheet. Links to both spreadsheets will remain in the second post until the next update arrives, at which point a link to the new update will replace the link to the current update. Please feel free to check that post and use those links to access the spreadsheets, but be sure to search the most recent posts to see what has and has not already been requested and nominated since the most recent time a request was granted. If you've never perused either list of games, you can ignore the update list.
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I bid zeogold a fond farewell as he steps down from managing the The Community Giveaway - Non-GOG Edition Remastered. Much love and many thank you's ❤❤❤

Congratulations to finkleroy our new gift giving overlord! May your reign be long and plentiful (heh heh)

I would like to ask for Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink and Doodle Kingdom please?
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Nobody else has made first post yet, so I may as well:
This giveaway endorsed by Puzzle, inc. and related holdings.

Edit: I've been ninja'd! Bamboozled! Swindled! Outmatched! I demand my money back!
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tiredliger: I would like to ask for Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink and Doodle Kingdom please?
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Just a reminder that you need to either change your chat settings to public or add me as a friend, if you haven't already. If you don't, you won't be able to send me donations and I won't be able to grant your requests.
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I think there is an error : there are 2 Hacknets : one daggered and one non-daggered.
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Pouyou-pouyou: I think there is an error : there are 2 Hacknets : one daggered and one non-daggered.
Thanks for letting me know. I fixed it.
Good luck, Finkleroy and thanks !
Also, there is two Age of Wonders III keys, one non-daggered and one daggered.
MaxFulvus: Good luck, Finkleroy and thanks !
Also, there is two Age of Wonders III keys, one non-daggered and one daggered.
Thanks for letting me know. I fixed it.
Since we're doin' a thing, I'll keep it going:

There are two Tank Universal listings - one daggered and one not.
TheMonkofDestiny: Since we're doin' a thing, I'll keep it going:

There are two Tank Universal listings - one daggered and one not.
Thanks for letting me know. I fixed it.
Congrats FINKLEROY on your promotion! May you have success in continuing ZEOGOLD's legacy.

I'm requesting GoNNER and Iron Fisticle for July please.
finkleroy: We're live again, folks! A time-honored GOG tradition, the Community Giveaway, lives on in a new incarnation.
Several of us in the past have tried to ease the workload a bit by keeping track of unfulfilled requests when zeogold was away for a while. Do you want us to continue doing this and if so, ongoing or only if you're away on vacation, etc? It's not until I did a whole month one once that I realised just how much work is involved merely in tracking original requests vs duplicates let alone all the other stuff (eligibility checking, actually sending the keys out, updating the spreadsheets, chasing up those with chat off, etc). Then double that for 2x giveaways. Huge +1 to you both for the work you've put into this over the years.