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I would like to request Lucius.
I'd like to request Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards: Reloaded.
Is total tank simulator still available?

And a Party Parkade haha
May I request DiRT 4? Thank you.
mrkgnao: Thank you yet again, Liverpoolfanster and finkleroy (fourth time in a row).

BTW, of the three games I already got from you, Liverpoolfanster, my favourite by far was "Plunge". A nice indie turn-based dungeon-crawling roguelite (played it for 10 hours over 2 days).
Your welcome and glad to see you are enjoying the games :)
bluethief: Thank you very much to Liverpoolfanster for Through the Woods, and to finkleroy.
Your Welcome
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GamezRanker: Might I ask for Voyage: Journey to the Moon?
I made a community wishlist entry for this fascinating adventure from 2005.
Voyage: Journey to the Moon
May I have FlatOut?
Many thanks to finkleroy for Icewind Dale!
May I have Lovecraft's Untold Stories?
Can i get Death to Spies Gold edition??
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I'd like to ask for the daggered World of Warships DLC (for existing players), the European one. Thank you.
Can i request The Walking Dead: The Final Season?
May I ask for Fury Unleashed plz?
I'm interested in The Crown of Leaves.
Thanks for PMGamer's nomination but I will go with Total Tanks. I love simulator games :)