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A shout-out to greyhat (couldn't PM you):
Successfully activated.

Thanks to zeo and finkleroy for administrating the giveaway, as always.
I'd like to request The Journey Down: Chapter Two for a friend.
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Many thanks to Kazica for the UAYEB key.

Congrats to zeogold for this great thread.
Thank you zeogold and Jonathan_The_Gamer!
darksiders II for the wii u? lmao for real? can I have it?
also Warhammer 40,000 space marines please?
thanks in advanced for anything and pre-Christmas wishes.
May I have Burly Men at Sea?
Rosalumina: Burly Men
Thank you zeogold and heartburnron for Battleplan!
I copied all the games from the update spreadsheet to the main spreadsheet. Links to both spreadsheets will remain in the second post until the next update arrives, at which point a link to the new update will replace the link to the current update. Please feel free to check that post and use those links to access the spreadsheets, but be sure to search the most recent posts to see what has and has not already been requested and nominated since the most recent time zeogold granted a request. If you've never perused either list of games, you can ignore the update list.
Thank for the work Finkleroy.
[I personnaly use the google docs notifications but it is quite sapmming as one alert is generated at every save (or auto save]

May I request True Fear: Forsaken Souls and Talisman: Digital Edition ?
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gvyop: Thank for the work Finkleroy.
[I personnaly use the google docs notifications but it is quite sapmming as one alert is generated at every save (or auto save]

May I request True Fear: Forsaken Souls and Talisman: Digital Edition ?
That's probably not the best way of keeping up. The spreadsheets are only saved when zeo grants requests and when I copy the updates to the main list. When This happens, the docs are saved multiple times in a very short period of time, and they don't make you aware of any new games. When zeo posts an update, he links to a new spreadsheet, so you won't already have notifications set up for it. You're best off checking the forum for updates.
My thanks to Chandoraa for your donation of Wuppo and of course zeogold for this giveaway. I'll keep checking back here for sure!
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Hi, people. First post so I'm aware I'm not fully qualified for this thread. Anyway, I'd need to count on some generosity:
I'd like to have Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine (missed in a recent giveway), Phantom Doctrine and The Ship: Murder Party in exchange for Inquisitor, Lichdom: Battle Mage and GT Legends' Steam keys.

Also, I'd like to ask community if anyone is willing to kindly offer me an ArmA 3 + all DLCs set in exchange for any pick up to the value of this offer:
gog [dot] com/game/ project_warlock (my currency isn't dollars; I'd gift this through a GOG purchase of any combination up to that amount; I have the equivalent amount on GOG wallet and frankly I'm facing some personal issues which make me think twice when it comes to spending money on games this season). I have an entire Steam account (~350 games; 90 here) locked because of ArmA 3 - signed for quite a number of missions, didn't knew a technical issue would cause ALL games having their performance dropped to useless, problem Steam and Bohemia aren't solving for over 4 months now and reason why I'm slowly moving over to GOG, just to discover how great the concept have become over the years since I knew about it. My people just loved the sim, we are mainly (but definitely not limited to) Ghost Recon/SWAT/Rainbow Six and ArmA 3 was our chance to fill the neverending gap of missions to accomplish together on LAN and now... we practically lost an entire account. By the way if anyone knows a way to deal with this, please let me know. We're desperate to solve this for the holidays.

By the way, a game listed at the spreadsheet as 'OR' wouldn't be 'ORB'...? And... what means a 'daggered' game?

I made a list few months back on games available on GOG which I'll later make a post about it, as well as a possible solution for problems other users may be facing when launching NecroVisioN / english version - those were the contributions I was about to make when found this thread that may save our mili-sim Xmas...

Thanks in advance,

P.S.: the more I approach GOG, the more I love it for all sorts of reasons. Let's hope they don't fall just the like others.
This is not a place for trading games, there's a thread for this:
SkyFrontier: snip
I'm afraid you've misunderstood some of the rules of this thread.

1. This giveaway thread deals in steam keys, not GOG keys.
2. This is not a trading thread for steam keys, there is another dedicated thread for that.
3. This is not a requesting thread for games which are not on the list. There are other dedicated threads for that.

Both the daggered and non-daggered keys are discussed in the first post of this thread. You must be a positively active member of the forum to earn access to these giveaway threads. Again, this is discussed in the first post of the thread.

Please, re-read the first posts of this thread carefully before posting again.