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Thanks A.Ryan, Wheldrake, Finkleroy and Zeogold! :)
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I'd like to give a huge thank you to MarkoH01 for Cefore and to 51nikopol for Octahedron Transfixed Edition and Deadbeat Heroes, and of course to zeo and finkleroy for keeping this going for all of us!
Thanks a lot to the1robert for The Bard's Tale, Rosalumina for Next Up Hero and of course zeogold for managing this giveaway.
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Thank you so much, mofofromjkt, wdluense3 and zeogold! I'm already downloading the games you graciously donated, looking forward to playing them! Thanks! :)
thank you, ofthenexus, for the games!
and, of course, thank you, zeo, for this GA.
Many thanks to the1robert and zeogold for the game.
Thank you Damon18, ofthenexus, and, as always, zeogold.
Thank you to gixgox & ofthenexus for Grim Legends & Just Deserts.
Also many thanks to zeogold and finkleroy.
May I have 12 Labours of Hercules II and 12 Labours of Hercules III
Cheers to DubConqueror for I am not a monster!

And of course Zeo :)
Thanks zeogold and finkleroy for doing the hard work for the community and Korotan for Plague Inc Evolved. It's a great but hard game, I am playing on casual and it feels like having few skill points to put on your plague skill tree, needs good management and pacing.
Thanks to Finleroy, Zeogold and Triock for the games
Qwertw: Iìd like to request Haegemonia. Crusader Kings 2 and the daggered Age of Wonders 3
You're welcome. Have fun!
Thanks to the1robert for the Plantera key, and to zeo and finkleroy for keeping things rolling!
kmcoolice: Hi. Can I ask Grid 2 with all DLCs?
letsmaybeLP92: May I have 12 Labours of Hercules II and 12 Labours of Hercules III
Also granted.
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