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low rated
May I request for Stardew Valley if I was unsuccessful in my first attempt?
Post edited February 01, 2022 by Apunami
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Edit: cancel request
Post edited February 01, 2022 by greyhat
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Can i get Lost Horizon + Lost Horizon 2 ?

thank you
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Kindly chiming in my request for Noita, if it hasn't yet been claimed. Thx in advance!
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New list after check:
Serious Sam 4
Low Magic Age
May I request for Destroy All Humans! + Destroy All Humans! Special Skin Pack (DLC) if I failed the last time?
May I ask for Dungeon Siege Collection, please?
low rated
May I ask for Destroy All Humans! + Destroy All Humans! Special Skin Pack (DLC) bundle, please.

If this game already went to someone, I want to ask for one of the games sorted by priority:
02) Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey
03) Moonlighter: Complete Edition
04) Port Royale 3 Gold
05) Yaga Armful Edition
May I please request The Longing?
Hello. I want to ask for Webbed pls. My Friend said it so funny and with good graphics, so I want to play it :)
May I ask for one of the 7 Billion Humans please?
I'd like to ask for Batman: Arkham City - Game of the Year Edition, if it's still available by the time of this request
Ok, I think I failed my nomination too. People, you're fast.

I'd still like to nominate Klumpen, this time for either Valfaris or Beautiful Desolation, both outstanding games.

Btw, thanks to all those who nominated me, I am honestly moved!
Congratz on whoever gets Witcher 3! Definitely the best get.

There is so many good titles here, overwhelmed with choice, and not knowing if the title I am checking out is already taken or not. Well at least that means people who got before me got something they enjoy plus I still have selection left. But then again I don't want to wait till it's all gone.

So may I please have Songbringer I don't know if it's taken or not (tried to check and didn't seem to be last time) and I may wish to change this finding a better game, but for the moment...
May I ask for Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition?