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Given that I have been beaten on Shardlight, I feel crazy enough to watch the Gamers. May I have it? XD
May I ask for Diluvion ?
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I would like to request for Diluvion as well as backup. Thank you.
Shardlight: Special Edition?

EDIT: umm, I'm probably way late.
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Hi there!

Would love to get my hands on STALKER


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I would like to request Neverwinter Nights Diamond.
May I have Underrail please?
May I ask for Heroes of Hammerwatch? Thank you for your consideration.

I'd also like to take the time to recommend a game. If you haven't bought Cryptark yet you should have a look at it since it's currently 70% off of an already reasonable (IMHO) full price. Even if you miss the copy that's currently in the giveaway that game is a steal at 70% off.
Hi, i wld like 2 ask 4 Might and Magic® 6-pack Limited Edition. Only played M&M3 b4 & hving a gd experience with that i wld like 2 try the rest in the series, thks for considering my request.
Could I ask for Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive?
greeklover: May I have Underrail please?
Oh man, you beat me to it! It's a pity that there is only one key.
Can I have Cryptark please? I have enjoyed Alientraps other games here and would like to try this one out.
Argh, beaten on Cryptark! I'm always too slow! XD

By the way, I warmly recommend Underrail to all RPG enthusiasts. I'd dare to say it is even better than Fallout 1-2.

Edit: also, the Serious Sam games are phenomenal.
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If it's still available may I have Aquaria, please?