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Punch Club, The Final Station, Mark of the Ninja, and more up to -80%.

<span class="bold">Hello Neighbor</span> is finally available for pre-order and to celebrate we're putting <span class="bold">tinyBuild's diverse catalog on sale</span>, alongside select stealth games that might put you in the mood to sneak around your neighbor's apartment (but not in real life - that's heavily frowned upon).

<span class="bold">Mark of the Ninja</span> is still one of the most visually striking, fun, and smoothly flowing stealth experiences out there. A bunch of supernatural tats, a sharp blade, and an even sharper perception are all you need to put those unaware thugs to sleep.

While you were trying to stay all invisible and stealthy, your obnoxious neighbors decided to Party Hard just to test your patience. Show them what you've learned by taking them out one by one in highly creative and particularly gory ways.

Of course, there's a lot more to discover here, including The Final Station, <span class="bold">Shadwen</span>, and Punch Club, among others.

The <span class="bold">tinyBuild Sale</span> will last until July 9, 10 PM UTC.
I'm just wondering if Punch Club is up to date to the latest patch...???
Marioface5: GOG, why do you continue to promote tinyBuild? Their games here are consistently missing features, updates, and/or DLC. They treat you and your customers poorly, and you promote them with a front page ad and a special sale.
Because money, it appears, is more important than ethics towards the customers.