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This is the official thread for reporting suspicious activity on the forums. If you see any bots breaking the rules by spamming, advertising, posting shady links to weird websites - report them here! Moderation Team will do their best to keep such posts to a minimum but, as you might imagine, it's impossible to keep an eye on every single thread 24/7. That's why we need your help, anti-spam force! :)

Big kudos to everyone who created and contributed to the unofficial thread!

Please keep in mind that this thread is for reporting ONLY! Any offtopic discussion will be removed. Cheers!

Only report bot accounts/spam in this thread. Its purpose is not to report other users. If you see a user who you believe is breaking the rules, message Staff privately instead.
Post edited October 07, 2022 by Clownski_
BreOl72: Maybe it would help, if you'd link to them?
Alexim: Has already been linked again just above and also several days ago.
Well, the link fom the comment just above yours leads to an empty space, so apparently that comment (#21) was deleted already.
That crypto-game bot is now posting in threads instead of making new ones as if nobody will notice.

GOG, this is getting annoying, will you guys finally do something about this?
this is the same fairy cat spammer/cryptoscam that has been hitting GOG for the last couple of months at least.
Post edited February 03, 2023 by Lord_Kane
Yet another fairy cat bot.

Here's the profile page:

Some bot is going on about kitchen taps in Spanish. On the plus side, I got to practice my comprehension...
How can I successfully evade detection by forum moderators who are moderators in the loosest sense?
Fairy Cat again