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joppo: Honestly Gog should be your main donor
Cavalary: No kidding...
They should start by making sure there are never any technical issues hindering MaGOG though. And then integrating (much of) it as GOG search, probably.
I dream of a day when Gog will drop (or at least open some exceptions to) its "in-house employees only" rule and hire mrkgnao, adaliabooks and/or barefoot_monkey to improve the store and the forum thousandfold.

They already do a better job out of improving Gog without access to Gog's internals than Gog's own developers*. Imagine what they could do with the access and freedom to reshape it.

And now that mrkgnao is looking for a new job the opportunity is knocking on their door. Everybody wins.

* Now let's be honest the problem might not entirely be the devs. Some design ideas are so harebrained they must have come from some manager that has the power to impose their will but not the sense to let others tell them it's not a good idea.
Post edited September 08, 2020 by joppo