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Wires and claws won't break my bones...

SOMA, the sensational adventure of unsettling technohorror riding on an undercurrent of existential questions, just received a free update dubbed Safe Mode.

By activating this optional mode, you'll be free to explore every underwater spook and cranny without worrying about suffering the curious cat's fate. Make no mistake, though: here there still be monsters. Even if their interactions with you can no longer prove fatal, they'll make sure you're plenty uncomfortable and that the game's threatening atmosphere remains a big part of the experience.

But if you've been dreading your encounters with their Game Over-inducing claws, now is the time to come out from under the bed and give this horror gem a try.
We promise it won't bite. Much.

See what the update is all about.
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In retrospect, I have to say that the safe mode was a worthwhile addition to SOMA. Less skilled players will have a chance to enjoy the game and it doesn't even adversely affect the atmosphere too much. I still ended up trying to stealth my way past enemies as best as I could, even though I knew full well they couldn't hurt me, which is a testament to what an excellent job the designers did on this game.

It stands in stark contrast to the newly released "story mode" in Outlast 2, where you still end up dying every step of the way due to atrociously poor design. It's not scary, it's just frustrating. Safe mode in SOMA isn't frustrating, but it's still scary as hell, so kudos for that!
fronzelneekburm: Less skilled players will have a chance to enjoy the game
Yes, that's me, right there. Just gave the game another try after reading about the safe mode somewhere. I'm so glad that I did.
Oh, found out about this only now... "Scary, but not frustrating"? Sounds like it might be time to actually try the game. :-)
Mr.Mumbles: Frankly, I never found the monster parts to be particularly difficult (even though I might have died a time or two), and without that kind of tension an essential part of the game's atmosphere would go missing. I really don't get this trend of people needing to be coddled, these days. Not every game is for everyone. Deal with it.

Also, those who are calling SOMA a walking simulator clearly don't know what they're talking about. It certainly isn't one of those "experiences."
Dead space 2 & 3 comes to mind with the coddling thing. It's just the way the upcoming generation is. If it requires work or any actual effort, they aren't interested in it. So game makers are forced to offer options like that or just dumb down the game overall for everyone prior to release in order to get sales. People like you and me that prefer a bit of difficulty and thinking are fast becoming the minority. :(
This an extremely welcome update.

I played SOMA a couple of years ago and enjoyed i immensely. Since then, I've become a parent. That means having just a fraction of the time i used to have to play games. So running around the same place just do die again and again for weeks (since I can usually play no more than 20 minutes each time) is not on my top priority list.

Thanks so much for this update!