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While trying to figure out a new kind of topic so we could have fun or interact with others, I found out that none has to do with encryption. So... I thought about a general purpose free-for-all thread that focuses on an easy to cypher/decipher mechanic: Let's use ROT13 to tell a story!

Bapr hcba n gvzr...

HINT: Use or to code/decode your text.
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My brother was betrothed to a grotesque carrottop. Or he was, until she discovered his obsession with frottage erotica. (She found his electrotherapy bills.) She served him a pyrotechnic parrotfish-- packed with trinitrotoluene. The blast was underpowered. He threatened to throttle her between bouts of frothy vomit. Even then, he required a laparotomy to remove the beaky shrapnel.
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gung unq qrivfrq na rfpncr cyna vaibyivat n fcbba naq n onyy bs gjvar.

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