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For some gamers, management games are the peak of enjoyability. Whether you are planning city blocks in games like SimCity 2000 or raiding foreign lands in Tropico 6, there’s something special about starting something from scratch and watching it grow into a fine-oiled machine.

While there are many games out there that can sate your appetite for overseeing a society, there are none out there quite like the acclaimed RimWorld. Originally titled Eclipse Colony way back in 2013, it started as a Kickstarter project for Windows, Mac, and Linux before being officially released in 2018 under the name RimWorld.

RimWorld takes what you know about management games and flips it on its head
This title, like many in the genre, involves you starting with nothing and building up a society that can face almost anything. In RimWorld, your adventure starts after your first three citizens crash land on a desolate planet.

Typically, they will have random traits and it is up to you to figure out how to get them to work and live together. The end goal? To build a rocket ship and escape the planet. That’s a lot easier said than done, however.

You see, in RimWorld, much of what happens is dictated by AI Storytellers. And like all storytellers, each one thinks the stories should be told in different ways. You have Cassandra Classic, Phoebe Chillax, and Random Randy. By their names, you can probably figure out a bit of how each scenario will play out.

What helps separate RimWorld from other similar titles is the extreme level of freedom you have when playing and the stories that are generated as you go. Your people can fall in love (you will gain people as you play), which can cause jealousy amongst others leading to some unique scenarios within your little community. Or maybe one of the pair dies in a raider attack causing the other to go into a great depression and slack on work. Maybe you harvest prisoners - you know what, we’ll leave that up to you to find out. It’s up to you to adapt in order for your growing society to continue to flourish.

It’s truly hard to explain in a single article how different each new world will be and it’s that replayability that makes it such an amazing experience. This is a management game at its core, but the stories you’ll make from the gameplay is what takes it to the next level.

Mods to help enhance and change the base gameplay into something entirely new
If you feel you’ve mastered Random Randy, Cassandra, and Phoebe then maybe it’s time to start looking at mods for the hit title. Luckily, RimWorld has near endless mods that accomplish a variety of tasks, sometimes making your job easier and sometimes, taking the game in an entirely new direction.

Whether you want mods that make inventory management easier or introduces new animals, there is probably a mod for you. To use them simply copy the mods folders into the overarching mod folder for RimWorld and you're good to go!

If you want to modify your RimWorld experience more, you can subject your citizens to zombie apocalypses or equip your civilization with entirely new weapons to defend themselves with. There’s also a mod that adds a wave-based survival mode if fighting is more your style and then you can add the prosthetic limbs mod to give your citizens more cybernetic body parts to help in battle.

Rimworld now available DRM-free on GOG.COM
RimWorld is a game that can offer endless enjoyment with or without mods. With three different storytellers and a lot of randomization, each playthrough will create its own stories with your help and then if you are looking to take it even further, the game features a robust modding community to give you even more enjoyment.

RimWorld is now available DRM-free on GOG.COM so if this seems like something you could see yourself losing hours (maybe even days or weeks) to, definitely check it out.

What do you think? Does RimWorld seem like something you’d enjoy playing? Let us know in the comments!
On the game card there is a review of a guy who claims that the game has DRM and one is "forced to make an account to use multiplayer and receive updates".

Multiplayer is AFAIK only available as a mod, but how about the updates? Will they not be provided on GOG?
Post edited March 09, 2020 by ChrisSZ
ChrisSZ: On the game card there is a review of a guy who claims that the game has DRM and one is "forced to make an account to use multiplayer and receive updates".

Multiplayer is AFAIK only available as a mod, but how about the updates? Will they not be provided on GOG?
Speaking of updates, damn, they seem to be changing things on a daily basis. Many on the unstable branch though, if I understand that correctly, and that does seem to require using Discord, probably to ask for access.
May want to give them some time to settle down, though it may be a while...
ChrisGamer300: No discounts ever you say ? It's good that the dev knows their game can stand on it's own legs instead of offerig pesky pro consumer discounts.

Now the only worry i have is and i hope this developer is not another one of those crap devs using this platform as a dumping ground meaning they release it then abandons it shortly after when they already have your money.
If any of you were wondering, the game's been updating at least once a week. A couple of the updates Steam got that only lasted a day or two until another one came out seem to have been skipped here; but it's absolutely being kept up-to-date, reliably.
Yeah, this game tells stories alright. Like this one time when a senile old hag showed up and attacked my villagers with a club and dressed only with a bowler hat. She got clubbed down, was left to bleed to death in extreme pain for over 12 hours, then chopped up and fed to our pet terriers. Because prions.