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Real treasure can't stay buried for long.

Are you guys interested in digging up a mother lode of charm, engaging spelunking and precious fun? Then make sure to grab your pickaxe and come to El Machino - it's where all the steampunk/western action is these days! A band of reviewers has been going at it ever since Steamworld Dig 2 was released last week and they're having a blast. Here's what we've heard them saying, all flustered from the gold rush and covered in sparkling dirt.

"There's an overwhelming sense of momentum that runs through the adventure; as if developer Image & Form sifted the original in a pan, removing its redundancies while expanding upon what made it so fun to persistently play. [...] Where the first game was a diamond in the rough, Dig 2 is a polished jewel."9/10 Gamespot

"SteamWorld Dig 2 retains the original’s addictive resource-gathering gameplay, but supplements it with a gorgeously detailed, handcrafted world. Its heady mix of exploration, combat, platforming, and puzzle solving, alongside an expansive set of abilities and mods gives it plenty of variety and a great gameplay rhythm.8.8/10 IGN

"SteamWorld Dig 2 fairly pours on the secrets and the optional caves ripe for exploring. Some of its best puzzles lurk far from the main path, and there are even a range of artefacts to find and return to town in exchange for exotic gadget blueprints."Recommended - Eurogamer

Steamworld Dig 2 is now available for purchase, DRM-Free on
The game comes with GOG Galaxy cloud saves support.
Dig it or not, you are going to dig a lot with this, or something like that.
I'm not a fan of Gamespotl but the quote above is pure poetry.
I'm playing it right now, and it's fantastic. Worth every cent I've paid.
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Already 100%-ed it over the weekend. Pretty good stuff.

I was hoping for better extra "content", which turned out to be merely extra hard (finnicky and frustrating) platforming sections in which some of your upgrades are taken away. I didn't bother with it because it just wasn't much fun and in counter to the spirit of the rest of the game.
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Adding review(s):

FYI 7/10 is pretty decent already and the subtitle means "does almost everything better"
I'm quite confident that Steamworld Dig 2 deserves the praise it gets, I already liked the first one a lot. Still, "Review Roundup" is kind of a fishy news item category. If I want a trustworthy review roundup, I wouldn't expect it from the same party who has an interest in selling the game to me, even if it's GOG. Just saying. ;)
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This was a fantastic follow-up to the original! Finished with nearly 100%!

However, I will say that the bonus levels at the end of the game are extremely hard. Brace yourself.