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Together with our friends at ROCCAT we venture to encourage and reward the best reviews on – so welcome to the third edition of our Review of the Month contest! This time around we are opening up the eligibility to include ALL our games. That's right, you can write about any game you fancy, regardless of when they were released!

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Every month, you'll be able to submit your review for any game (or games!). This time, the grand prize is a ROCCAT Renga headset.
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June/July Winners!

Congratulations — and thanks for helping make reviews awesome! Winners were chosen by vote from the pool of eligible entries. We judged the merits of the review itself – the game and rating were not taken under consideration.

Grand Prize – ROCCAT Kiro gaming mouse
For being informative, interesting to read, and honest - Ixamyakxim on Dex.

[i]Stylish Cyberpunk, Constant Fun
This is one of those rare gems that, upon finishing I immediately wanted to fire it up and go through it all over again.

At its heart, the game is a side scrolling RPG beat 'em up with just enough wrinkles to elevate it to something special.

The first is the general atmosphere and visuals. I admit, I'm not a "pixel person" - but Dex executes it exceptionally well. The final product is smooth, crisp and gives the game a fantastic aesthetic different from most RPGs. <span class="bold">See the full review</span>[/i].

Honorable Mentions – $9.99 Game Code

<span class="bold">Random_Coffee</span> on Hard Reset Redux
<span class="bold">Ghorpm</span> on The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut
<span class="bold">XYCat</span> on The Solus Project

We'll be contacting the winners soon!
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avatar This time around we are opening up the eligibility to include ALL our games. That's right, you can write about any game you fancy, regardless of when they were released!
Does this include future releases? Or should I wait until the games do get released before posting any reviews of them?
Too bad C4sual's Parkan: Iron Strategy review didn't make it ;(
454f.jpg (10 Kb)
JMich: Does this include future releases? Or should I wait until the games do get released before posting any reviews of them?
You need to post the review in the game card and quote it here, so this means waiting at least until the game has a gamecard.
Starmaker: You need to post the review in the game card and quote it here, so this means waiting at least until the game has a gamecard.
Ah, true. Let the waiting commence then.
Nice! Congrats to other winners!
Quoting the review I just posted of Lords of Midnight (quite possibly my first game review on GoG too...)

"Lords of Midnight was the first RPG I ever played, getting it on the Amstrad CPC back in the 80's. I could spend hours playing the game, getting completely immersed in it, though never actually being able to win (I either got Morkin killed, or Luxor). The graphics were brilliant for an 8-bit game, and still are. Seeing this game on GoG, I didn't even hesitate to get it, that's how good I found it back then, and how good it is to this day. The graphics updates for this version, along with the menu system, make this game even better.

The only part that is "missing" from the series, would be the PC game "Lords of Midnight: The Citadel", which while having similarities to the previous games, and better graphics, doesn't quite have the same feel, but would still be a good addition to the list. Regardless, I highly recommend that you try LoM, and Doomdark's Revenge. They are definitely worth the money, and effort."
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Here is a quote of my conclusion of the review for No Mans Sky(2 stars):

[i]My conclusions would be that Hello Games knows their technical stuff and their engine for creating procedurally generated worlds is good as a tech demo. NMS is a demo of how an infinite world could be made, it is a demo that show that gamers are hungry for huge worlds, filled with wonder and I am confident that the tech will be put to better use in the future. As it stands now NMS is a very limited game that offers very little in terms of gameplay to its player base, it is at its finest within the first few hours but it shallowness kills the joy very fast given the fact that no matter how much you travel you will always be in the same place.
oh cool :D
congratulations to the winners (and me lol :D)
I'll try to come up with another review on stuff I played recently since it can be any game from the catalogue now :)
My review for Tropico 5:

"TL;DR: A city builder that gives an interesting twist on the classic genre.
It's the colonial era. Your only job is to keep the crown off your back. But the crown keeps nagging. Build this building it says. Give me money it says. You're getting pretty fed up with all of the complaints when a rebel leader approaches you. "We can be free," she says, "Just build a library and raise a small army, then we declare independence." You pen a small constitution on the ideals of democracy.
It's WW2. Both sides are demanding all sorts of things, iron, cigars, rum. You know that some people care a great deal about who wins the war, but you can't be bothered. Money is flowing and your people couldn't be happier.
It's the cold war. The communist party on the island isn't happy about your lack of housing. The environmentalists are whining your mining operations. The religious want another church. But, you have a factory to complete. After all, that furniture won't build itself! So you tell them to hold on a minute, you'll get to their demands. But you don't have a minute, the election is next month and your approval rating is in the toilet. So you say to yourself, just this once and declare martial law.
It's the modern era. Your people haven't voted since the Berlin Wall fell, but you know what's best for them. Liberty? Housing? Health care? All your people need are a strong police force and good profits flowing into Tropico. Of course, a little in the Swiss Bank account couldn't hurt either...
In Tropico, I never found myself micromanaging, though I always could as there were options like "Denounce someone you don't like" and "Fire this ONE guy from his job." However, the game is content to let you sit back and plan the bigger things. The dictator twist elevates this game from another city builder into a true gem. A few strange bugs that keep the game from being winnable at times stop this game from a perfect score, but they are rare and overall the game is a load of fun."
LOL hey thanks so much! Awesome timing too - after a particularly long, humid night of Don't Starve I noticed my left mouse button was starting to stick (using WSAD for Don't Starve just seems... wrong).

I had to pop it off and it's *mostly* been behaving but I think this is one upgrade that's going to come in a timely manner.
JMich: Does this include future releases? Or should I wait until the games do get released before posting any reviews of them?
You're such a bastard ;) Let me guess, your review title will be "So Much More Than Just Oblivion With Guns"
Ixamyakxim: You're such a bastard ;)
You only found out now? Where have you been for the last couple of years?

Ixamyakxim: Let me guess, your review title will be "So Much More Than Just Oblivion With Guns"
Not sure that would fit the games I'm talking about, but I'll try to make it fit, just for you :)
I assume the review has to be made in the contest time and not before?
Another World Review:

"It was meant to be a routine experiment. You run the project, open a soft drink can and take gulps from it, waiting for the experiment to initiate. Suddenly lightning strikes and for a split second it seems that you have been blinked out of existence. You look around and instead find yourself in a place you have never been. You must fight your way past poisonous slugs, armed guards and spike traps to have a chance of ever emerging from this alien and inhospitable environment.

Welcome to Another World.

Beautifully rendered graphics capture the vast, cold atmosphere of this planet that the physicist Lester Knight Chaykin lands on through a freak accident. Gameplay is challenging but not so much that overcoming the obstacles of the game feels impossible. The player can relate to Lester since we are not told any more than he is; there is no health bar, hint button, map or list of objectives. Instead we must figure out the strange rules of this planet for ourselves. Sometimes shooting and running are the best solutions. Other times the answer lies in a subtler approach, such as using switches and walls to make enemy grenades backfire.

Boasting groundbreaking cinematic sequences, enjoyable platforming/shooting elements and a heartfelt conclusion, Another World is an essential experience for young and veteran gamers alike.

Originally released in 1991, the 20th Anniversary edition also includes an option for HD graphics, difficulty levels and remastered sound effects."
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risen 1 review (no spoilers just tips)

- genre: action-rpg
- released in: 2009
- similar gams: gothic 1, 2, 3

- don't get caught and sent to monastery. even if you want to become a holy warrior or wizard type, you'll miss on lots of quests, experience and money.
- go for alchemy it pays off greatly. but don't use strength potions before you max out on strength from your level-up skill points. if you reach 200 strength you'll be killing machine
- some people say Sneak is not worth investing in because you can just use a ring which grants you this skill. but some monsters like the powerful ogres who can 1-hit you, they require sneak to beat them and using a ring means you could use that finger for some OTHER ring.. like one which gives you strength or whatever
- people say prospecting, i mean mining ore and forging stuff doesn't pay off. i made good rings and amulets which can't be found in stores or anywhere else so for me it was good. also about mining - keep some gold ore for the later chapters when you'll need it to make obsidian weapons
- don't eat Wanderlust. it may give you a little experience now (10 points) but later on you'll be able to make potions out of it which is much better
- try to kill as many enemies as you can before moving on to next chapter because at beginning of each chapter, more monsters are added and the old ones still exist which means that if you don't kill them now, most likely you won't kill them in the future if they make a herd and become many
- try to beat up anyone you can, even friendlies, for experience, their weapon and sometimes other loot. you only have to do this once for each NPC and after you did it, their weapon will be replaced by clubs or wooden spears so you'll recognize easily who needs beating and who don't. you can steal from their bodies too but be careful that nobody sees you (or those present are knocked down as well). sometimes guards are annoying and no matter how many times you beat them, they'll still attack you. it's not nice but i killed most guards in harbor city just for this reason; again, nobody must see you or they won't talk to you anymore and will require you to use a Joke Spell on them to make them friendly again
- there are some puzzles in the game but they're pretty easy once you know that you can use a bow / crossbow to hit stone buttons which do certain stuff, or you can levitate above pressure plates that would normally make spikes go up from under you, or you can manipulate levers with Telekineses spell
- use lockpicking and pickpocketing they good. in games like baldur's gate 2, if you fail pickpocketing you just have to reload; that's lame. here you can never fail in pickpocketing. you just see the items your victim is carrying then you have to pick one to steal. simple
- try to use water barrels or beds to heal you for free instead of using potions
- if you play melee i think the best choice is to become Bandit, to be one of the Don's men. they teach you sword and axe fighting and as you progress, you'll be able to use deadlier swords like the bastard type or even two-handed ones in a single hand while the other, you use a shield. sword is fastest weapon of all and when you're fighting multiple opponents you'll really need that speed
- even from beginning of game you'll meet different types of enemy who require different tactic. the sea vultures for example are best killed after you put them with backs against a wall so they can't retreat anymore. their attacks are fast but weak man ok? but beware of their distance power attack. sting rats are similar also weak and fast attacks but they don't back off that much, no power attack, so they weaker. wolves are fast so don't run away from them just stay and fight. they usually in packs but they predictable; you can fight even 4-5 at once and if you good and lucky, you won't take a single hit; you must side-step a lot to avoid their attacks. boars make lot of damage they slower than a wolf but dangerous
- if you low health in a fight, use healing potions but know that it takes time until you actually drink it so best run away while using it. if you run away from wolves, run in zig-zag so you're harder to hit
- there's a glitch in the game: if you attack enemy from behind over and over, each of your attacks will reset their position so they'll constantly keep their backs on you. but watch out that they don't back-step because they'll be at your back in an instant. in harbor city there's a friendly ogre who can teach you axe fighting - i did this to him, i was just trying to beat him for experience but after fight finish, he was dead so i had to reload. i think it's because ogre is enemy by default so that why he die instead of knock down
- the buttons for quick load / save are F9 and F10 and they can't be reconfigured. be careful that you don't save your game by mistake when you want to re-load. i don't think you can save while you're dead but you could save near death. i once saved in tomb raider while i was in the air and when i load game, i fall and die
- there's day and night cycle in the game but for me torches weren't too useful. it was harder to play at night because of visibility and once you use a torch you can't put it back in inventory; you just drop it while you equip weapons and after a fight, you can pick it up again but still pretty lame
- the game says that in order to defeat the last boss you'll need a special weapon: the titan hammer which is actually an axe type of weapon so naturally you'll think you need to level up your axe skills but that's wrong because there are similar weapons for each type: for sword and quarterstaff too.

PS: i make good review yes? can i get a witness?...... :-/
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