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UPDATE: Last call, talented reviewers! Submissions are about to close but there are still some days left for you to work your magic. Go on, get those keyboards clacking!

Together with our friends at ROCCAT we venture to encourage and reward the best reviews on – so welcome to the third edition of our Review of the Month contest! This time around we are opening up the eligibility to include ALL our games. That's right, you can write about any game you fancy, regardless of when they were released!

For winners from June/July – keep scrolling!

Every month, you'll be able to submit your review for any game (or games!). This time, the grand prize is a ROCCAT Renga headset.
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Here's what you need to know:

- Once you' ve posted your review, submit it for consideration by also quoting it in this thread. You have until September 16.
- Winners will be announced soon thereafter. Remember that if you're not happy with the shape of a review you've already posted, you can always contact our <span class="bold">support team</span> to rectify that.
- The best review of each month will win a sweet piece of gaming gear, courtesy of the good people at ROCCAT. Any runner-ups will receive honorable mentions and one $9.99 code each, to be redeemed at
- Keep the review guidelines in mind. A good review can be both entertaining and informative, it can be brief or extensive. It doesn't need to be positive in its overall assessment of the game - as long as it's eloquent and fair (or hilarious), it has our attention.

Let's celebrate the reviews that hit the nail on the head — the most constructive, informative, or fun to read. Grab your keyboards and make some magic happen, GOGers!

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June/July Winners!

Congratulations — and thanks for helping make reviews awesome! Winners were chosen by vote from the pool of eligible entries. We judged the merits of the review itself – the game and rating were not taken under consideration.

Grand Prize – ROCCAT Kiro gaming mouse
For being informative, interesting to read, and honest - Ixamyakxim on Dex.

[i]Stylish Cyberpunk, Constant Fun
This is one of those rare gems that, upon finishing I immediately wanted to fire it up and go through it all over again.

At its heart, the game is a side scrolling RPG beat 'em up with just enough wrinkles to elevate it to something special.

The first is the general atmosphere and visuals. I admit, I'm not a "pixel person" - but Dex executes it exceptionally well. The final product is smooth, crisp and gives the game a fantastic aesthetic different from most RPGs. <span class="bold">See the full review</span>[/i].

Honorable Mentions – $9.99 Game Code

<span class="bold">Random_Coffee</span> on Hard Reset Redux
<span class="bold">Ghorpm</span> on The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut
<span class="bold">XYCat</span> on The Solus Project

We'll be contacting the winners soon!
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That's what I was saying. I was also in the "honorable mentions" thingy and was supposed to win a 10 dollars gift code. It never appeared in my e-mail inbox, library, wallet or wherever else.

XYCat, you're not the only one, at least :)